Saturday, January 7, 2023

Adia, Scientist 6 Jan 2023. Book Trailer on YouTube. Doomed scientist strives to discover a new fuel as War moves closer, but her experiment fails. Now Adia realizes just how vital her work is, and who threatens it, when a visiting scientist offers help.

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 Reviewer copies are free to any reader if you will write a review on Amazon stating briefly what you liked and disliked about what you read. I like honest reviews.   If you would like a reviewer copy,  feel free to request the story of your choice at 

 I use the name of my indie publishing house, DanniStories, on most of these: [I am having trouble with my website at the moment]  
Discord DanniStories GrannyHandicap [disability talk] and Adiamaea [gaming] also. 
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TikTok  DanniStories account is lost. Will be making a new DannisWrites account.
Twitter [now DannisWrites]  YouTube  Reddit  I am most active on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. And I usually participate in National Novel Writing Month every April, July, and November. [DannisWrites]  

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