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02 Sep 2021 Disability and Public School


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There is a lot more to discuss! I spoke mainly about schools in the USA but am open to discussing school in an international context. Here is what I found in two hours of my livestream:

What is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)?

5 Most Common Learning Disabilities

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Facts For Families Guide

This resource has a wealth of info on various topics. The ones I talked about tonight are:

School Services for Children with Special Needs: Know Your Rights

No. 83; September 2016

Chronic Illness and Children

No. 19; Updated October 2015

Talking To Kids About Mental Illnesses

No. 84; July 2017

Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth

No. 122; May 2017


I think schools should:

- Allow students at least a 30 minute lunch. My older daughter had 15 minutes for lunch in 5th grade. I know because I ate with her on special occasions.

- Allow students recess twice per school day. I think all high schools should have parks where students can walk, jog or swing at recess, to blow off steam.

- All school systems should integrate mental health care in-school. They should have online therapy available during school hours. 

- All school systems should have a no-bullying policy, on or off campus. This should include colleges and universities. Bullying is abuse. Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated.

- Class sizes should be reduced. Teacher burnout is a sign that classes are too large and paperwork is too much. Reduce homework and reduce teacher workload. 

- Do less testing. Research shows that standardized testing is biased against ethnic groups. Many students suffer from test anxiety.

- Emphasize socialization and working together. Don't tolerate hate speech, name-calling, or making fun of people. Teach students to stand up to this in heathy ways. Have a therapist teach groups about positive communication.

- Make more partnerships between the psychological community and the education community. Child psychologists can show teachers more healthy ways to gain class cooperation.

- Students should have a Bill of Human Rights. Every student deserves a healthy school environment, free of bullying, discrimination, and public health threats. If a school cannot provide a safe environment, students should have a choice to attend remotely.

- Dannis Cole

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