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Granny Handicap Livestream 19 Aug 2021 Disability Equipment


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Links We Talked About Tonight

A Look At The Range Of Disability Equipment Available on Amazon

Of course, disability equipment is a HUGE category. I'm sure I missed a lot! 

Don't forget canes or a service dog for blind people [I know an animal is not a piece of equipment, but many blind people prefer a dog to a cane]. Also braille equipment for the blind or talking books or a computer with software that talks rather than displays pictures.

Many other disabilities require equipment that can't be bought off the shelf, like prosthetics. This is where grants come in.

How Do I Get The Disability Equipment I Need?

I forgot to mention this one! A good first step is to try United Way. They are a charity that offers a referral service with local sources in your area of the world. Have your pen and paper or note-taking app open and ready when you call!

This article talks about Medicare, Medicaid, Charity Sources and Grants.

Low Income Relief has a list by state of sources for free medical equipment

A family started this site to gather info about grants

Organizations That Give Your Old Medical Equipment a New Home - International

If you have equipment or supplies and want to donate or need them, these links might help.

Independent Living Centers - USA These facilities offer help to find free, gently used equipment, evaluate your home for hazards, many services. Staffed by handicapped people and federally funded. I've used them in several cities and even states. An excellent resource!

The State ADA Coordinator's Office. Every state probably has a similar office but it might not be named the same.

Here's the one for Georgia:

Sometimes there are partnerships between charitable agencies to get disabled people the equip they need.

Atlanta, GA Area Goodwill/FODAC Partnership

If you live in the UK

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