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Granny Handicap 20 Aug 2021 Relationahips and Being Disabled


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This is a huge topic, and I barely scratched the surface. What I thought I would find was more talk about the importance of good communication in all relationships, not just friends and dating! But I think I found some good sources.  

Making Friends When You Are Disabled  


How To Make New Friends When You Have a Disability  


Making Friends:  

Thoughts From Young Adults with Disabilities  


Institute on Community Integration At University of Minnesota  


I experimented during the livestream with the Making Authentic Friends app. I put it on my phone after reading a few very negative comments.  

This app helps people with special needs make friends  


Making Authentic Friends app didn't work very well for me. Kept losing focus and going back to the home screen on my Android phone. It was still running but popped up a login screen repeatedly and never finished looking for a friend for me.  

I am hoping folks will contribute to it so programmers can improve it. The concept of it is a good one, but apparently the folks abandoned the website and put all their hopes in the app. Unfortunately, the app developers didn't make sure the app was working properly before releasing it. I hope they will keep on with it until it is functional. I had high hopes for it. At one point when I was putting in my age, I got an error message saying I was outside of the age boundaries, yet it did let me register anyway.  

Meetup Groups for people with disabilities. I didn't see any much in my area, though there were scattered activities. Meetup depends on the folks who form the groups to create the activities. I would find it difficult to make an in person event because I never know if I can make it to a venue that day. I might experiement with this to create something for Zoom sometime!  


Communication and Disability  


Dating and Disability  

I would like to caution those who want to try dating websites in general that it is very hard to sort out who is there to genuinely meet someone and who are scammers. I haven't had the best experiences on dating sites but have known friends that did. Your mileage may vary!

Expert Dating Tips for the Best Disabled Dating Websites  


4 Part Series on Long Distance Relationships During COVID  


Easterseals Thrive - Dating With Disabilities  


Had a nice conversation with a married gentleman from Poland about how to get started writing! So I gave him this link:  


If you are more interested in writing non-fiction there are still plenty of good articles on that, too, at Writer's Digest. My website and blog have a bunch of links for new writers also, and I love to talk about the Writing Life, too!  

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