Tuesday, August 31, 2021

31 Aug 2021 Disability and Incarceration

A Black man with white hair stands in a jail cell with his hands outside the bars. He has tatoos on his forearms. His hands are relaxed and his shoulders are down. To me, he appears despondent.

I chose a picture of a Black man because people of color are disproportionally arrested and incarcerated compared to white people. Over half of people in US prisons are mentally ill. See links below.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

 History of Psychiatric Hospitals


America's Long-Suffering Mental Health System


Improving mental health for inmates

Using a variety of new strategies, psychologists in correctional settings are transforming care for people in prisons and jails


Fact Sheet: Incarceration and Mental Health


Serious Mental Illness Prevalence in Jails and Prisons


Yes, U.S. locks people up at a higher rate than any other country


Monday, August 30, 2021

30 Aug 2021 Disability and Media


A man and woman use Sign to carry on a conversation. Signed languages are based on gestures and hand shapes.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Movies with Characters Who Have Physical Disabilities


TV Shows and Movies That Address Disability and Difference


Family Movie Night: 7 Films That Address Disability, Differences and Inclusion


Special Needs Documentaries






Films With Disabled Characters


 Article of Interest - Entertainment

Movies featuring characters with disabilities


Sunday, August 29, 2021

GrannyHandicap 28 Aug 2021 Dementia

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

I use a photo of a Black family because elderly Black people are twice as likely to have dementia as a white person. Hispanic folks are 1.5 times as likely. I attribute this to systemic racism and access to healthcare, though there is much more research needed. See the CDC link below, where these stats came from.

What Is Dementia?



Fall Prevention



Prevent Falls and Fractures



US Area Agencies on Aging


Dementia research: What’s exciting the experts?


Consider joining a clinical trial or study in person or online. All types of volunteers are needed — people with dementia or memory problems, caregivers, at-risk individuals, and healthy volunteers.


I participated in this one!


As of today, the link worked and I instantly got an emailed link to the test. I scored 25/30, which is pretty good. Anyone over 50 can take it. Once you finish, you are emailed your result. It only took me about 10 min to take it online.

Friday, August 27, 2021

GrannyHandicap 27 Aug 2021 Fibromyalgia

A picture of myself from 1982. I was pregnant with my first daughter. At age 22, I had fibromyalgia symptoms but was undiagnosed. It was a hot day and I wasn't feeling very good. Despite how much pain I was in, I appear perfectly normal and was having a fun day despite all that was going on inside.





Is fibromyalgia real?


Living with Fibromyalgia, Drugs Approved to Manage Pain


Living with fibromyalgia. Consequences for everyday life


Fibromyalgia Pain Takes Toll on Everyday Life

Work, Relationships, Parenting Affected by the Chronic Pain Disorder, Survey Shows


Water Exercise for Fibromyalgia: Easing Deep Muscle Pain


Thursday, August 26, 2021

GrannyHandicap 26 Aug 2021 Disability and COVID-19

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

What Covid-19 long haulers should know about claiming Social Security disability benefits


Guidance on “Long COVID” as a Disability Under the ADA


Other Coronavirus and SSA Resources




Long COVID Can Be a Disability, White House Says

The Biden administration has released guidance and resources on long COVID and disability.


Data collected by the COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor, a rapid independent monitoring project that DRF/DRAF collaborated on with six other organizations, indicates a continued lack of access by persons with disabilities to food, medication, and essential supplies.


COVID-19 and Long COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources


Voices of People with Disabilities During the COVID19 Outbreak


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

GrannyHandicap 24 Aug 2021 Mental Disabilities


Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels

Mental disorders from World Health Organization at the UN


San Francisco Chronicle

Mental illness and disability aren't crimes. Police can't keep being California's first responders

1 day ago


The Mental Health of People with Disabilities


Common Mental Disabilities


What is Intellectual Disability?


Photo by 
Cliff Booth from Pexels

Monday, August 23, 2021

GrannyHandicap 23 Aug 2021 Mobility Disabilities


Photo by ShotPot from Pexels

What is a mobility impairment?



Helps For Mobility Impairment


Equipment Commonly Used in Mobility Impairment


Photo by Misha Voguel from Pexels

How To Walk With A Cane


Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels


Maintenance Guide for Users of Manual and Power Wheelchairs


How to Keep Your Wheelchair Clean


How To Prevent Spinal Cord Injuries



How Do I Know if I Have A Spinal Cord Injury?


Spinal Cord Injury: Hope Through Research


Participate In Clinical Research


Wheelchairs, Mobility Aids,

and Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices


Prevalence of Disability and Disability Types by Urban-Rural County Classification – United States, 2016


CDC Disability and Health State Programs


Footless Jo Talks About Amputation Life


Saturday, August 21, 2021

Granny Handicap 21 Aug 2021 Blindness and Low-Vision Disibilities


Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Tags: #Blindness, #LowVision, #Cataracts, #EyeDoctors, #Diagnosis, #Treatment, #LivingWithBlindness, #BlindDisabilityEquipment

I talked about blind friends I've known, then talked about these links. Let me know what you think! I didn't have anyone to talk to tonight.

What is blindness?


What happens in an eye exam?


How Do We Prevent Blindness?



What are kinds of blindness?


An End to Blindness?

New technologies could save the eyesight of millions


Resources for Vision Impairment



American Foundation for the Blind


National Eye Institute


Lighthouse For The Visually Impaired and Blind


American Academy of Opthamologists



Technology for the Low-Vision and Blind


Brain Implant For The Blind


What Is Braille?


Braille Institute


My Fave Blind YouTuber, Molly Burke


Friday, August 20, 2021

Granny Handicap 20 Aug 2021 Relationahips and Being Disabled


Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

This is a huge topic, and I barely scratched the surface. What I thought I would find was more talk about the importance of good communication in all relationships, not just friends and dating! But I think I found some good sources.  

Making Friends When You Are Disabled  


How To Make New Friends When You Have a Disability  


Making Friends:  

Thoughts From Young Adults with Disabilities  


Institute on Community Integration At University of Minnesota  


I experimented during the livestream with the Making Authentic Friends app. I put it on my phone after reading a few very negative comments.  

This app helps people with special needs make friends  


Making Authentic Friends app didn't work very well for me. Kept losing focus and going back to the home screen on my Android phone. It was still running but popped up a login screen repeatedly and never finished looking for a friend for me.  

I am hoping folks will contribute to it so programmers can improve it. The concept of it is a good one, but apparently the folks abandoned the website and put all their hopes in the app. Unfortunately, the app developers didn't make sure the app was working properly before releasing it. I hope they will keep on with it until it is functional. I had high hopes for it. At one point when I was putting in my age, I got an error message saying I was outside of the age boundaries, yet it did let me register anyway.  

Meetup Groups for people with disabilities. I didn't see any much in my area, though there were scattered activities. Meetup depends on the folks who form the groups to create the activities. I would find it difficult to make an in person event because I never know if I can make it to a venue that day. I might experiement with this to create something for Zoom sometime!  


Communication and Disability  


Dating and Disability  

I would like to caution those who want to try dating websites in general that it is very hard to sort out who is there to genuinely meet someone and who are scammers. I haven't had the best experiences on dating sites but have known friends that did. Your mileage may vary!

Expert Dating Tips for the Best Disabled Dating Websites  


4 Part Series on Long Distance Relationships During COVID  


Easterseals Thrive - Dating With Disabilities  


Had a nice conversation with a married gentleman from Poland about how to get started writing! So I gave him this link:  


If you are more interested in writing non-fiction there are still plenty of good articles on that, too, at Writer's Digest. My website and blog have a bunch of links for new writers also, and I love to talk about the Writing Life, too!  

GrannyHandicap 18 Aug 2021 Deafness, Communication and Barriers


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I've been posting the links we explore on the livestream to Twitter singly, but I think they make more sense in a group. So from now on, I'll post my after-the-livestream links in a blog post and post that link on Twitter.

Deafness and hearing loss


Making Listening Safe initiative from World Health Org

CDC Types of Hearing Loss

Learn Fingerspelling [ASL Alphabet]

20+ Basic Sign Language Phrases for Beginners | ASL

Bill Vicars - Learn ASL by immersion. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can start having real conversations in ASL.  Dr. Bill Vicars (Deaf/hh) of "ASL University" will teach you ASL using his innovative and interactive question-based approach.
Lesson 01

Guide to the Different Types of Sign Language Around the World

What is it like to be Deaf?

I did a crude version of the activity in the article. I didn't have earplugs handy, but my daughter had noise-canceling headphones. I described my experience. This would be worth repeating in the future on a Livestream!

All About Tinnitus
Would have been better if I'd remembered to pronounce it TINNitus instead of TinnITUS lol!

This dissertation gave many suggestions about how colleges might approach helping minority Deaf students, in this case Black and deaf or Deaf students. The difference between deaf and Deaf is, Deaf is a person with a connection to Deaf Culture and community.

Obviously, a dissertation is not easy reading for laypeople, but I suggested just reading the Abstract and Conclusions. In these, the six Black and d/Deaf students who are the subject of the paper gave their views of how their school could have made their journey easier, without much effort on the school's part. In my opinion, all of their suggestions would apply equally to students with any disability, in any workplace, and in public and private schools for children.

They mentioned not wanting to be put in a box. Instructors seemed to want to group them by race or disability, but not both at once.

The suggestion that stayed with me most was of anyone teaching making a chart of disabilities across the top and class periods down the side, with a count of students. If this were visible while the instructor was lecturing, perhaps if he/she knew of a Black and d/Deaf student, they could include an example of a Black and d/Deaf person who advanced the subject field.

Imagine what that would mean to a person studying, to know of an example of someone like them, who became famous in that field. Especially if that student wanted to major in that field!

The comments from these 6 disabled students were well worth a read!

The unexpected talented tenth: Black d/Deaf
students thriving within the margins
Lissa Denielle Stapleton
Iowa State University

Next time we revisit what it means to be Deaf, I'd like to dive deeper into the controversy over possibly curing deafness, and the threat that presents to Deaf culture in the view of many people who were born Deaf. I would love to hear from folks who live with deafness and how valuable Deaf Culture is to them!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Granny Handicap Livestream 19 Aug 2021 Disability Equipment


Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels

Links We Talked About Tonight

A Look At The Range Of Disability Equipment Available on Amazon


Of course, disability equipment is a HUGE category. I'm sure I missed a lot! 

Don't forget canes or a service dog for blind people [I know an animal is not a piece of equipment, but many blind people prefer a dog to a cane]. Also braille equipment for the blind or talking books or a computer with software that talks rather than displays pictures.

Many other disabilities require equipment that can't be bought off the shelf, like prosthetics. This is where grants come in.

How Do I Get The Disability Equipment I Need?

I forgot to mention this one! A good first step is to try United Way. They are a charity that offers a referral service with local sources in your area of the world. Have your pen and paper or note-taking app open and ready when you call!




This article talks about Medicare, Medicaid, Charity Sources and Grants.

Low Income Relief has a list by state of sources for free medical equipment


A family started this site to gather info about grants


Organizations That Give Your Old Medical Equipment a New Home - International

If you have equipment or supplies and want to donate or need them, these links might help.



Independent Living Centers - USA These facilities offer help to find free, gently used equipment, evaluate your home for hazards, many services. Staffed by handicapped people and federally funded. I've used them in several cities and even states. An excellent resource!


The State ADA Coordinator's Office. Every state probably has a similar office but it might not be named the same.

Here's the one for Georgia:


Sometimes there are partnerships between charitable agencies to get disabled people the equip they need.

Atlanta, GA Area Goodwill/FODAC Partnership


If you live in the UK


Friday, August 13, 2021

GrannyHandicap Livestreaming for 3 Months Now - How Are My Stats?


On May 5, 2021, I looked on Twitch for livestreams for handicapped people and couldn't find any that weren't marked for mature audiences. I'm a member of a Church that advises us to avoid movies with a worse than PG-13 rating and we are taught to avoid profanity, etc. So I decided to create a family-friendly one.

I began with streaming Forza Horizon 4 on my XBox, my favorite video game. I played and talked about being a disabled gamer. Those streams are archived on my YouTube Adiamaea channel. But, I decided that maybe a talk format would be better for my purpose.

I wanted to create a community around disabilities. Not just in gaming, but in RL. So, in August I began the talk format.

Here's what my stats say so far:

My goal is 50 followers as part of becoming a Twitch Affiliate. I have 13 friends so far. I won't bore you with most of my stats which would require a lot of explanation and really, I'm still learning what all of them mean! But, as I tweeted several days ago, I've had views from 15 countries. Most of those were from the US, where I am. The next highest group was the UK [yay! I have some ancestry over there!]. It is very exciting to me to get views from other countries as well as my own.

Since switching from gaming to talk, I've had a lot of friends popping in to say hi, tell me about themselves, or ask a question. Even though my views actually went down during this transition, I am happier because chatting is more important to me than views. It's all about building a community, or multiple communities, around disability awareness.

I say multiple because my friends are on many different social media sites. I don't want to exclude any of them who might not want to create a Twitch account just to join the conversation. There's very little overlap between my 551 Facebook friends, my 473 Twitter followers, and followers on other sites. My plan is to join any sites that are legal and nontoxic where my friends are and want to stay. We can talk about disabilities anyplace!

So, yeah, after 3 months, my stats are depressing. But I'm in the same boat with most new streamers. Time will tell whether my community will grow to a size that benefits a lot of folks. I'm learning more about how to make a quality livestream and trying to improve. I'm very disorganized and my learning curve is steep. Some of the programs suggested are harder to learn than I thought they would be. I am 62 years old so I don't learn as well as I once did, and I have always had disabilities that interfere with using and learning my skills. The important thing is, I'm not giving up, and I'm really enjoying my livestream. I'm loving the conversations with my new friends.

When you're disabled, you want to do things that feel like the work you used to do. My second job was as a DJ in a small town AM-FM station that played country and gospel. Livestreaming feels a lot like my DJ work when people would call in. So, as long as my livestreaming is enjoyable for me and I feel like I'm helping people understand disability issues, I'm going to keep doing it.

GrannyHandicap Livestream Mon-Sat 8-10pm EST. No account required to view! Everyone is welcome even if you're not disabled! Family-friendly channel so if you join the discussion, please watch your language! Create an account to type in Twitch chat.

Add me on https://discord.com so we can talk! My username is Adiamaea#3641. Choose the Granny Handicap server for disability talk and more! Typed chat and voice. I'm still learning Discord, but I plan to learn how to use a streaming software to integrate it into my livestream eventually. What you type on Discord will stay. What you type on Twitch is gone once the livestream ends :( This is why I suggest not leaving a link on Twitch. 

If there's a link you want to share with me, a comment, or suggestion for a topic you want to hear about, leave it on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook Granny Handicap page, whichever your fave social media is. There is a current list of my social media links right here in my blog.

I am on Twitter a lot, so I will see it sooner there if you put the hashtag #GrannyHandicap on it. However, I'm building my community on Discord and it gives me many ways to keep kids who join it with their families safer. Reddit also gives me tools to keep my community safe for families, so I will see which site gets the most action from my friends :) Folks who already have a social media account elsewhere can just join the community there, and if you want me to add sites, I'm happy to make an account where you are comfy. As long as it's not a site that violates my community guides :)