Wednesday, May 12, 2021

My Disabled Gamer LiveStream, GrannyHandicap

My disabled gamer livestream is GrannyHandicap 8-10pm EST M-Sat. Playing Forza Horizon 4 on XBOX but everyone welcome! Kid-Friendly Stream so please watch your language!
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I will add to this post because I'm just starting out. You can become a livestreamer with nothing but a phone. But, I wanted to stream Forza Horizon 4 from my XBox on Twitch to YouTube.

I originally posted this on May 12 after beginning to livestream on May 5, 2021. A lot has happened since then!

So, here's a timeline and what's been happening. Hopefully, I'll remember to update this from time to time.

May 5    Went live for the first time on my existing Adiamaea Twitch account. I originally got Twitch to keep my World of Warcraft Add Ons updated when stopped hosting them. Now they are hosted on another site. I decided to livestream because I was looking for a stream about disabled folks, and couldn't find one on Twitch that wasn't labeled Mature Audiences. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we aren't supposed to cuss. So I try to avoid media with that stuff.

I decided to create my own kid-safe community built around disabled gamers, although I don't want to be exclusive. If someone doesn't play online games but is handicapped, they are welcome in my community. If someone doesn't have a handicap but wants to know more about our struggles, they are also welcome! Because I am a kid-safe corner of the Internet, I don't allow cussing, bathroom talk or bedroom talk. 

May 17 Finally figured out how to upload my highlight reels directly from Twitch to my Adiamaea YouTube channel.

May 18 After my livestream, I checked on my Adiamaea YouTube channel. Yikes! I have music copyright violations! I quickly targeted the offending vids and am using YouTube's beta song-muting feature. This is a time-consuming thing and will probably take me days, since I can only process one song at a time. I had set up Twitch to mute the music, which is from Forza Horizon 4's in game radio station Timeless.

Also set up a Granny Handicap Reddit. I didn't realize I'd be setting up a whole bunch of stuff in my Reddit, from rules to etc, I already had 7 followers by the time I finished up, hours later!

May 19 I made a logo, but still haven't finished setting up my scenes in StreamLabs. Why can't I import them from Twitch Studio???

I am about to start my livestream. I've been busy all day with the copyright stuff, setting up XBox, my website, StreamLabs OBS and addon, Twitch, Reddit, Discord, etc with my links. Still in progress.

And I STILL don't know how to livestream from Twitch to YouTube directly! Tonight, on Forza Horizon 4, I will have my in game radio OFF. No more copyright violations. Live in 20!

May 21

I tried to do a test livestream before my regular livestream today, and got video that was just audio on YouTube. Twice. So I just did a regular Twitch livestream and explained my channel. I was trying things while livecasting so I still need to do a regular welcome/introduction vid. I rewatched a video on how to set up Streamlabs OBS but it was phone based. Maybe I need to give up the PC stuff and just use my phone for it! My PC crashed but it is a Microsoft Surface 3 and on its last legs anyway. It overheats like the one this refurbished one replaced.

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