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Food Credits: Credit for Gardeners, Cooks, and Restaurants

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 Food Credits

   #Vegetables and #Fruits could be stored and processed in a #PlantStation. The #harvest could be turned in. Output would be raw vegetables and fruits for the #NeighborhoodMarket. Anything that spoils quickly would be traded to a cook for processing into ready to eat food, jams, etc. Normal food handling regulations would be required.

   Meats could be processed in a #MeatStation. Small #MeatProcessing Stations could process commonly hunted and fished foods. 

USDA has much information about alternative farm products.

And small scale farming

Here's a discussion arguing for making hunted meats legal:,their%20own%20wild%20game%20meat.&text=Proponents%20of%20allowing%20wild%20venison,alone%20to%20reduce%2C%20this%20population.

Here's an article for #Anglers who want to sell their fish caught on shore:,or%20they%20catch%20and%20release.

These would be subject to Food Handling regulations and local #hunting and #fishing #regulations.

There is a precedent for farms and farm animal products:

Or a hunter can store a pelt in the freezer or partially prepare it. This article explains how:

   #Taxidermists could pick up #pelts for processing at remote locations if a #TaxidermyStation was not practical. 

  Neighborhood Markets

Here is an example from Seattle, WA.


   Use of waste products generated in the local area to #mulch, #fertilize, or provide growing medium for food production

   Use of #recycled #containers for growing food


   USDA has info on this. Basically, you raise fish and use fish waste in the water to grow #hydroponically

Here's a family business.

On a much smaller scale, a family could use Aquaculture to raise enough food just for them in an above-ground swimming pool..

There are also tiny aquariums with decorative fish where you can raise edible veggies. 

This is the one I want to try:

Here's a bigger one:

   Food produced could be sold for money or food credits.

   Neighborhood organizations could operate #NeighborhoodGardens. People could contribute work such as weeding, harvesting, fertilizing, etc to trade for food.

Schools could have a school garden.

   Individuals could grow food in a family #Garden or #ContainerGardening.

Container Gardening

   Neighborhood markets would provide a way to trade the food. They could serve as #FoodStations where contributors get food credits and buyers get food credits for supporting the neighborhood gardens. 

   Individuals who like to #cook could contribute labor and get extra credits for using food from the neighborhood gardens. 

   They could use #EnergyCredits to spend on locally generated #methane.

   They could use cooking #FoodCredits to pay for food to cook

   Hunters could get food credits for bringing fresh meat to markets, if legal. Consider farming game meat and fish.

   Hunters could also get credit for #furs, #skins, #feathers and other inedible animal parts.

   Hunters could get energy credits for #donating #CompostableMaterials

   Hunters could donate the work of hunting. They could earn #Entertainment or #Teaching credits for workshops or videos of them teaching how to hunt, properly clean, and use all animal parts.


   Cooks could prepare vegetables from the garden or meats from the meat processors or both. They could operate a restaurant booth in neighborhoods, subject to inspections. They could get credits for their business based on their inspections.

   Reviewers could report on their experiences with anyone involved with food. They would need to supply pictures or video with their review, and they would get both #FoodCredits and #EntertainmentCredits. Positives in the review would give credits as long as there was a picture or video showing the person as well as what they produced that was mentioned in the review. For a restaurant booth, the meal would give credit but not the portions in the raw state that needed cooking. There could be credit for keeping condiments that a regular person liked, and credit for any in-house condiments, home-made condiments, to the person who made it, the person who created the recipe if part of the restaurant, and to anyone who made a condiment and supplied it to the restaurant.

   Cooks who know how to properly clean hunted animals could get extra food credits for #MeatProcessing or helping a hunter. They could submit videos of them helping. Or someone with videoing skills could earn #Entertainment credits by going along to film or filming the processing so the person gets credit for their work.

  Crafters could get credits for cleaning raw materials and making items from them.

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My Social Links

 My Social Media life is getting busier now that I am a Livestreamer! I just updated my website with all my links [there may be more!].

So, here's the list!

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Steam Adiamaea @Adiamaea

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Add me on so we can talk! My username is Adiamaea#3641. Live during livestreaming hours.

Google Calendar Integration

Link will work even for those not on Google Calendar. GrannyHandicap stream hours and days! I will update this if they change. For right now my only stream is Forza Horizon 4.

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Granny Handicap Reddit to go with my GrannyHandicap Twitch Livestream!

I have a Reddit now set up! It's r/GrannyHandicap at
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DanniStories Website

And my website is
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Now has https:// turned on!

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My XBox One, Adiamaea
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DanniStories is Adiamaea on Steam
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DanniStories Has GrannyHandicap Page on FaceBook Now

I made a GrannyHandicap page on my Facebook account:
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Past Granny Handicap livestreams are on YouTube here. 

DanniStories' Adiamaea Twitch Account, Home of GrannyHandicap Livestream

Twitch is and my account name is Adiamaea. You don't have to create an account to watch!

Livestream on Adiamaea on Twitch! My disabled gamer livestream is GrannyHandicap 8-10pm EST M-Sat. Playing Forza Horizon 4 on XBOX but everyone welcome! Kid-Friendly Stream so please watch your language! You don't have to be a gamer, or handicapped, to join in the chat about disabilities. Did you know 25% of people in the USA have at least one disability? That's one out of every 4 people!
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My Disabled Gamer LiveStream, GrannyHandicap

My disabled gamer livestream is GrannyHandicap 8-10pm EST M-Sat. Playing Forza Horizon 4 on XBOX but everyone welcome! Kid-Friendly Stream so please watch your language!
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I will add to this post because I'm just starting out. You can become a livestreamer with nothing but a phone. But, I wanted to stream Forza Horizon 4 from my XBox on Twitch to YouTube.

I originally posted this on May 12 after beginning to livestream on May 5, 2021. A lot has happened since then!

So, here's a timeline and what's been happening. Hopefully, I'll remember to update this from time to time.

May 5    Went live for the first time on my existing Adiamaea Twitch account. I originally got Twitch to keep my World of Warcraft Add Ons updated when stopped hosting them. Now they are hosted on another site. I decided to livestream because I was looking for a stream about disabled folks, and couldn't find one on Twitch that wasn't labeled Mature Audiences. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we aren't supposed to cuss. So I try to avoid media with that stuff.

I decided to create my own kid-safe community built around disabled gamers, although I don't want to be exclusive. If someone doesn't play online games but is handicapped, they are welcome in my community. If someone doesn't have a handicap but wants to know more about our struggles, they are also welcome! Because I am a kid-safe corner of the Internet, I don't allow cussing, bathroom talk or bedroom talk. 

May 17 Finally figured out how to upload my highlight reels directly from Twitch to my Adiamaea YouTube channel.

May 18 After my livestream, I checked on my Adiamaea YouTube channel. Yikes! I have music copyright violations! I quickly targeted the offending vids and am using YouTube's beta song-muting feature. This is a time-consuming thing and will probably take me days, since I can only process one song at a time. I had set up Twitch to mute the music, which is from Forza Horizon 4's in game radio station Timeless.

Also set up a Granny Handicap Reddit. I didn't realize I'd be setting up a whole bunch of stuff in my Reddit, from rules to etc, I already had 7 followers by the time I finished up, hours later!

May 19 I made a logo, but still haven't finished setting up my scenes in StreamLabs. Why can't I import them from Twitch Studio???

I am about to start my livestream. I've been busy all day with the copyright stuff, setting up XBox, my website, StreamLabs OBS and addon, Twitch, Reddit, Discord, etc with my links. Still in progress.

And I STILL don't know how to livestream from Twitch to YouTube directly! Tonight, on Forza Horizon 4, I will have my in game radio OFF. No more copyright violations. Live in 20!

May 21

I tried to do a test livestream before my regular livestream today, and got video that was just audio on YouTube. Twice. So I just did a regular Twitch livestream and explained my channel. I was trying things while livecasting so I still need to do a regular welcome/introduction vid. I rewatched a video on how to set up Streamlabs OBS but it was phone based. Maybe I need to give up the PC stuff and just use my phone for it! My PC crashed but it is a Microsoft Surface 3 and on its last legs anyway. It overheats like the one this refurbished one replaced.

DanniStories' Adiamaea Discord For Chat

Add me on so we can talk! My username is Adiamaea#3641.

I have two channels, Adiamaea and Granny Handicap. Granny Handicap is only games rated E for Everyone.
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