Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hands-free is not risk-free

Hands-free is not risk-free

This month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Did you know that just using your handsfree to make or take a cell phone call is just as deadly as texting? Cell phone connections to accidents are widely underreported, even when the person admits they were using one at the time.

I just went to my Church's website to do some Scripture study and found an article directing me to the National Safety Council's website to sign a pledge against distracted driving. I did, even though I have cataracts and can't drive! I also shared this site with my daughter, Maggie. Then, I posted it to Facebook and Twitter and wrote this short post.

Several years ago, I started the habit of pulling over instead of answering or looking at a call or text. I found it didn't take that long to do, and I could see on my cell who called or texted and returned it. And yes, I had a hands-free in the form of the speakerphone button. I had fewer close calls once I got smart and started using this method. I still had plenty of near misses, simply from not feeling well enough to drive. I finally realized that it was better to let someone else drive. High pain levels are very distracting, too. We seniors don't give up our driving easily, but we should realize that there is a point that we should just ask someone else to drive us. I leave the house so rarely and have a care aide coming in five days a week, I really don't have an excuse. When my care aide can't take me during her hours, my daughter has been nice enough to drive me.

I learned a lot on the site that I didn't already know, and I thought I knew a lot about safe driving with over 25 years' experience and two accidents that weren't my fault. It's worth a read! While you're there, be sure and sign the pledge. Your loved ones will suffer a lot with grief if you have a wreck and die or end up disabled. For them, sign the pledge. Leave the cellphone in your pocket or purse while you drive!

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