Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Little Setback

Well, a lot has happened since January, but not with my writing. My computer died. The techs at Dell resuscitated it and sent it back to me. During its absence, my backup computer died. I resurrected my dead PC and worried that it would die again.

My PC came back. I have been downloading drivers, and just finished. Now I am downloading software, but got interrupted by the Heartbleed scare. So, I've been changing passwords and forgetting them, and changing them again.

Soon, I will be set up to do book covers again. I have Part 1 of Home Is Not Home almost ready to go. I have been working on a male model for Ryonne~. When I have him dressed for the part, he and Adia will be featured together on every cover :)  I am hoping I can get twin-fingered hands on him. This is a lot harder than you would think; fingers don't flatten easily in Poser. That is, in the way I want them to flatten.

I will let you know as things get done. I'm disabled. When I worked as a computer professional, I would take the time I thought it would take to backup, format the hard drive, and re-install the software; then I would multiply it by 3. Now, it takes me days to accomplish what I used to do in 3 hours! My progress is slow, but steady.

It will get done, and I'll be creating again. Right now I am sick of the password routine. Someday PCs will scan your fingerprint, or your retinas, and passwords will be a thing of the past. Hmmm... maybe I can make a story out of that. In the early days of such scans, there might be mistakes. Hot water for my heroine....

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