Monday, September 24, 2012

Starflyer Song - Where It Came From

Excerpt from Home Is Not Home by Dannis, copyright 2009 Dannis Cole, available on Amazon Kindle :

Ryee would travel a week to the Eighth, and Tch’Zbbtr was far from two major Zheien colonies

there. I thought of friendly MarKu, and the wonderful tumasnie candy someone named Goes sent us.

Imagined a festival for Ryee to celebrate the ships from the signed treaty, and happy Zbbat dancing in


Fa and Ryee laughed loudly, and I felt a little embarrassed. “Sae, you think of MarKu as a

smallcolony, such as we! Our people are 2500 in number. MarKu, he has 70 decillion! If Goes declared

a festival because Ryee kept a treaty, King Herda would bring Pie to heal him!! Goes signed many fine

treaties, more than Ryee and I and all of our fae!! Herda signed many more than his fine bae, who shall

reign after him.” Fa smiled, and his golden eyes opened wide. A different kind of wide than fright or

worry. As Mea taught me about telepathy, I noticed that the way people felt changed the meaning of

facial gestures, body motions, or even words. When a Zheien feels a strong emotion, all around him

feels it, too. Some of my worry for my sanity vaporized, like volatiles in a dish, when I learned that.

But, Ryee smiled at Fa. “I think Goe would declare a festival for me, though I would wish ne, to

honor our colony. MarKu respects us much, Fa.”

He gently shoved Ryee. “Ea, but for MarKu to honor us is foolish! Does a ferrisna notice the


Ryee frowned, and looked away. Then, smiled. “I think Porasa disagrees with you.

The starflyer on his journey, weary journey, sees the dawn

Ferrisna, weary ferrisna, without his rider, looks to the dawn

And he walks faster

To the starflyer

Grateful starflyer

Lands on his nose but a moment in his death.

Father’s lips trembled. Many around us wiped tears from their faces. “Dear bae, your recitation

is as Goes’, and he is older than you! Did he teach?”

“Ea. We both enjoy poetry.” He sighed. “I wish I had time—Ay, if only we were married, I

could give manual calcs, and we visited MarKu, and I left you in safety while I—“

“Dear bae! Pie would keep you a month in his chambers when you returned for your love!! I am

happy you ne marry yet, Children. After this mission, is well.” Fa hugged both of us.

We were quiet after the poem. I dreamed about Fa telling me that Ryee was like the starflyers in

the night, that live for one night and die in the morning. I dreaded going back to sleep.

I think Ryee thought his choice of poem made us too sad, and he did not recite any more. I

wanted to hear more. His voice thrilled me.

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