Monday, September 19, 2011

Luna Moth Awe

Maggie found this moth on our screen door when she was on her way out to walk Aki, our Silky Terrier. We named him Herman. A source on the Internet that Maggie found said if the spots didn't touch the border of the wings, we had a male. I couldn't verify her source so I am not sure now whether we have a male or a female. I am going to submit a picture to for a positive ID.

This moth let Maggie pick him up and carry him to me so i could take more pictures. i felt awe as I took him onto my finger. His wingspan was wider than my hand! I took tens of pictures and 4 videos! Three of them are on my Channel. If you go to this one, you will find the others. My sister has had luna moths around her home for years, yet she couldn't pick one up. Herman was my Sunday miracle.

I got many clear pix of this moth from many angles. He let me put him on my clipboard on a white background. I hope to make a 3D model of him. I also want to sell my photos and I'm exploring options.

I hope you enjoy these vids of one of the largest moth species of North America. I watched him breathe in pure awe. He was very soft, and I took care not to touch his beautiful wings except on the strong top edges. He let me pet him on the edges, but when I gently touched his thorax from above him, he flexed his wings straight up. I'm not sure if he liked it or if I was scaring him!

Between Maggie, my daughter, and I, we got some amazing pictures. My camera doesn't have a zoom for taking pictures of very small things, but with the still picture setting on closeup, I got some pretty decent pictures, but couldn't get a closeup of his anttenae.

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