Thursday, October 7, 2010

Diana Palmer, Novelist, Is Not Dead!

Today my sister called me on Skype. She was very upset about the fact that someone we don't know reported her death on the Diana Palmer Wikipedia entry! So I am writing today to tell you my sister is not expected to die anytime soon, and is not even in the hospital. In that time when she does die, I will talk to her fans since that is her wish. We family are not expecting her death anytime in the near future.

My email is if anyone is upset.

I also posted a video that shows our family resemblance [I hope] on YouTube at

Diana Palmer, Novelist, Is Not Dead!

You will see that my sister is much prettier than me!

To whomever changed her entry: I hope you know that this caused much upset in our family. It may have been a mistake, but if not, it was just sorry of you to do it! In the South, we use the term "that was just sorry" after telling about someone doing something bad. Not just very bad, but just plain mean. It is the worst thing a Southerner can say about someone. You need to repent and get religion. You just do.

You should imagine that you are Diana Palmer with a bad sinus infection. You are on antibiotics but they are taking their time to help you feel better. Your head hurts and you drag out of bed to check your email, and there is a report that you are dead. Someone crying calls your house expecting to hear the voice of your best friend who lives nearby, and gets you. How would you feel? Outraged? Ready to sue?

If it was just a mistake, please check your sources before you change the entry on someone whom you do not know. Diana Palmer can be reached through her official website,

There is no mention of a death date on that site, even though you gave the site as your source. My poor sister would have gotten into the site to post herself, but has lost her password. She will be posting on there herself to comment on this. Until then, this is my feeble attempt to get something up on the Internet that her fans can look at to verify that Susan S. Kyle is alive! In her own words, "I am not expecting to die in the near future!"

I cannot post a photograph of my sister because I would have to get approval from Harlequin to do so. I will say she is working on a new book as I speak, and has finished the third installment of her Morcai Battalion series. I can't wait to read it!!

Visit's Diana Palmer Page:

Visit The Official Diana Palmer Page:

See that picture and you will know that yes, my sister is a LOT prettier than me!  Susie is not dead! Now, do you believe me?


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