Saturday, January 9, 2010


For any parent who has lost a child, this may be one of the most healing websites ever! Get to know little Ryan, and her sweet spirit, through videos. Then, sign up to take a little red Matchbox Mini Cooper when you travel, in memory of Ryan.

I wept as I navigated the site, because I miss my four children, lost by miscarriage. I don't have videos or even pictures, except for some ultrasounds of my son, whom I lost at 16 weeks gestation. It is a great shock to lose a child, because we expect to outlive all our children. Society gives you about 2 weeks to get over it. Well, you don't. You learn to live around that great hole in your life. I have two living children whom I love, but they don't take the place of my other four. Holidays and anniversaries were very rough for me at first, but now, after 21 years, I can say that it gradually got easier, and I was able to celebrate the brief times they were with me. If you are reading this, be especially kind to your employees, your friends, your neighbors, or anyone you know who recently lost a child. I couldn't go in the baby section of any store for at least five years without crying. If you know someone grieving a loved one, don't give advice or comforting words, just offer to listen, and be strong. Let them tell the story of their little one, their parent or friend. Resist the urge to talk. Get to know the special person through their eyes. This is the best way to help. Simple to say, hard to do.

This couple found a very creative way to deal with their grief, and I am happy that they shared this marvelous little life with me. I encourage you to go over there, and get to know this special little girl.

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