Monday, January 4, 2010

CIA - The World Factbook -- Country Comparison :: Infant mortality rate

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At first click, this list looks great. After all, the higher the number, the lower the infant mortality, right? And, our country is near the bottom. But, don't get too smug. Look at the top contenders. It's not just numbers. Babies are dying. Mothers are grieving, and fathers do their best to comfort the rest of the family while they cry, too. We expect the high numbers for countries without industrialized medicine.

Yet, look at Europe and Australia, New Zealand, and other countries with socialized medicine. This is where you need to pay close attention. Of all the countries with the best medical care in the world, the United States trails the rest. This is a wake-up call to Congress that maybe socialized medicine is not a bad thing. Everyone thinks, socialism, and the US says, what? Who, me?? But, socialized medicine is not socialism. Just a way to control the high costs of medical care in our country.

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