Monday, December 7, 2009


Let's go to Mars, already! So many politicians give this important issue lip service, then slash NASA's budget. Give NASA more $$, and we can get there. Space is profitable. There are many benefits to mankind from space programs here and abroad. This is an international petition, so I hope the people in other countries bug their governments to put more $$ into space, and continue the cooperation we have globally, and include more partners. As for the US, I wish all the folks on the committee that helps fund NASA would know enough not to insist that cargo carriers are suitable for human cabins! There were 5 scientists quietly explaining to this one Congressman why they couldn't use the Delta or Atlas boosters, and he still didn't get it. Doesn't Congress qualify the people they put on these committees? Watch NASA TV for these congressional hearings, and hear the ignorance. Businessmen, even smart businessmen, are not engineers. Put engineers and former astronauts on these committees!

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