Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mozilla Download

Best Web browser [software you use to get on the Internet with, alternative to Internet Explorer or Safari]. Firefox is now the choice of 1/3 of Internet users.
Thunderbird is the best e-mail software for your desktop when you have multiple e-mail accounts. It already knows your Gmail [Google Mail], so it's very easy to set it up. For multiple e-mail accounts, you can let it put your email into separate e-mail boxes, which helps me organize the flood of subscriptions I get.
Best of all, these programs and all their upgrades are free, because they are open-source. Not all open-source softwares are free, because somebody has to write it and he or she isn't being paid for their work. Folks who do open-source programming do it out of the goodness of their hearts, You might consider a donation to Mozilla if you like the products, or donate to add-ons you like that have a Donate Button. Thanks, Mozilla! I [heart] Mozilla, and I [Christmas Tree] them, too!

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