Monday, December 14, 2009

Help with groceries and food

Atlanta Low Income Issues Examiner

Help with groceries and food
December 14, 1:20 PMAtlanta Low Income Issues ExaminerDannis Cole






Most low income families will cut the food budget, because that's where the leeway is. Poor nutrition can degrade health, and lack of health insurance plus bad nutrition can turn a person with bad health into a dying person.

Food banks and church food pantries are a stopgap measure until a person can get Food Stamps. Anyone can go if they're having a rough time. Usually the person is asked to fill out a form, and prove income with utiltiy bills, paycheck stubs, etc. Call the agency before you go, so you have the needed proofs with you.

Once you go in, you will have a short appointment with a social worker the first time. Then, you are told how often you can come back. Everyone gets a sack of food with staples, and maybe some frozens. Usually, grocery stores donate all their day-old baked goods on a certain day.

Check the United Way for locations, hours, and phone numbers. Call 211 in Atlanta, or go to United Way's Atlanta Website. Put your zipcode or city in the search window, and look up food.

Check out the page on for links to all sorts of help! Links to the right, under the ad blocks, are your key to finding low income services of all sorts in metro Atlanta.

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