Saturday, December 12, 2009

Google Phone: Google Confirms “Dogfooding” of New Phone

Dogfooding, or the practice of letting employees try out and test new product ideas before releasing them to the public is a great idea! I applaud Google and other companies that do this. Beta testing is fun [for us geeks, anyway], and helps find problems with devices that can be corrected before releasing them to the general public. I've never worked for a major manufacturing outfit, so my beta testing has been strictly on a volunteer basis. If anything says, 'beta', this means it is still in the testing phase and you use it at your own risk. But, if you want to beta test something, and have the expertise to be able to give meaningful error or fail reports, you can get to test some things before they are released, for free. Just search "beta test" [use the quotes around the phrase], and you'll see all sorts of things to beta test. Be careful; some beta test things are scams. If it has .edu or .org in the name, you are more likely to find a legit beta test, but anyone can buy an .org domain name [what you see in the address line at the top of your browser]. There is more control over the .edu domains.

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