Monday, December 14, 2009

Flu shots - get them both now

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Flu shots - get them both now
December 14, 8:06 PMAtlanta Low Income Issues ExaminerDannis Cole






With all the shortages of H1N1 vaccine, some may have forgotten about getting their H1N1 vaccine, or the separate flu shot for the more routine kinds of flu. The time to get them if you haven't is now.

Most chain drugstores have shots available. You fill out a short health form, and one of the staff comes out to give you your shots. There has been a nasal spray available, but for certain age groups.

Use this H1N1 locator to find the nearest place to get yours. H1N1 info is here.  Find both here at American Lung Association's Flu Shot Locator. Just put in your zip code, and you get a Google Map with some locations. The site tells you where to search for more. Whatever source you use, do call first. Supplies are still shipped in small batches.

See my list of links on the right for more helpful links. Just added many links to my help list for Spanish-speakers [tricky, since I don't speak it]

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