Friday, December 11, 2009

Dannis' Intro - SaveNASA

Hi, Folks!
I'm a self-published sci fi author inspired by NASA and my engineer dad. Actually, my dad was going to apply to NASA once, and I was really mad when he decided he could make more money in private industry. I was willing to do whatever it took, but I was only ten and my parents made the decision.

My parents woke me up to watch Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. I was very happy to get up for that! Another time, I tried to stay up for a lunar eclipse, and managed to see it before I fell asleep. My older sister and I used Dad's telescope more than he did. We went out in temps in the 20's to look at Mars or Jupiter [it was a very small refractive scope]. Once, Dad set it up so we could see sunspots on the white plate attachment that came with it. I ate up my science at school. I checked out literal armloads of books on the solar system and space, until I exhausted our small-town library's supply.

I was a DJ for six months, and a computer tech for two years in the Georgia Tech Library. Besides that, I was a library worker for most of my adult life. For a while, I had my own telescope and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the sky. I donated my scope to BYU when I could not lift it any more.

If my health had let me go in the Air Force, I would have tried to become an astronaut, but I really wasn't healthy enough. I hope NASA will someday have studies on volunteers to assess the physical response of someone who's not so healthy to space or space simulations. I will gladly volunteer!

We need NASA, and I hope my membership and petition-signing and writing will help a bit. If there are enough of us bits, we can do it!

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All you space lovers! Join SaveNASA! Use the link in my blog post, and you can quickly join this space advocacy group and show your support for NASA funding. Don't let us lose our space program. If you're using a computer, you have NASA to thank for it! If you think the space program doesn't benefit your daily life, think about this: Do you have a memory foam pillow? NASA has touched your life in more ways than you know! See

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