Thursday, December 17, 2009

Climate change threatens life in Shishmaref, Alaska

600 people. Up to $200 million to relocate them. And, they are just one community of many whose homes are literally crumbling, because the permafrost is thawing. It's not simply a matter of relocating them; they have a unique culture, language, and lifestyle that is also threatened. Shall we lose these proud people, and their cultures that can't be replaced, because of money? When New Orleans was threatened, we sent money and aid, although things were very disorganized. Aid to a much smaller group could be organized, and the needs of the people considered. We depend on governments to do what we cannot do for ourselves. These are our people, our Native American peoples, who are threatened. Come on, Congress! If we can give billions to corporate entities who didn't do anything better than to squander a lot of it on CEO bonuses, can't we give some money to these poor folks in Alaska, who probably won't even have to have 20 million dollars a community? Native Americans aren't wasteful like Big Business. Let's help these folks! You can't put a price on human life. It's time to decide what's more important to us in this country: Money, or Human Life. I choose Life.

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