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BYU Broadcasting | Embracing Hope

Embracing Hope: Confronting, Understanding, and Healing from Abuse

Sponsored by Women's Services & Resources at Brigham Young University, this annual conference examines the issues surrounding abuse.

The following presentations were given at Brigham Young University on October 23 and 24, 2002.

Embracing Media
Title & Speaker
Domestic Violence: When Home Isn't a Haven
B. Kent Harrison

'Only by Persuasion': Dealing With Unrighteous Dominion...
Brent Top & Wendy Top

Healing From Sexual Abuse
Chieko N. Okazaki

'That He May Succor His People': Healing From Abuse Thr...
Daniel Judd

The Role of Forgiveness in Healing From Abuse
Elaine Walton

Stopping the Cycle of Abuse: Becoming a Transitional Ch...
James MacArthur

Coping With the Aftermath of Abuse
Jane Lawson

Cyber Assault: A New Domain of Relationship Abuse
LaNae Valentine & Rachel Hickman

Abuse Awareness for Nice Guys: What Men Can Do to Stop...
Officer Arnie Lemmon

Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster: How to Recogn...
Pam Johnstoneaux


My favorite of these is Chieko N Okazaki. Her writing style is very comforting. I recommend these programs to anyone experiencing or recovering from abuse. See them on BYU-TV, online, or on many satellite and cable providers worldwide. These programs are still rebroadcast at intervals. Also see the CyberSecrets series for hints on how to avoid the sneaky ways porno providers try to ensnare the innocent, and how to recover from cyberporn addiction.

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