Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Best Way to Travel These Days Is By Bus

Have you heard: According to Time magazine, the coolest way to get around these days is by bus. Buses have always been a hit with people on a budget. That’s been especially true during the recession, as bus ticket sales have jumped more than 10%. These days, you can generally buy a round trip bus ticket for about one-third the amount you’d pay for a train or plane. If you need to go somewhere more than 300 miles away, you’ll probably choose a train or a plane, but for trips within 300 miles, traveling by bus seems to be the coolest way to roll these days.

I love traveling on a bus these days! Huge, clean windows just ripe for movie-taking. Comfy seats. In a wheelchair, the tie-down process is pretty easy, providing you know where your basic tie-down spots are just in case. You can transfer into a seat, or ride in your chair. Drivers are nice and most I've traveled with have been very safety-minded. You will save money over driving most of the time, if you're going to a major city, and your destinations are on public transit. Even mid-sized urban areas can have very convenient transit. But, do compare bus and train ticket prices, on the same day [prices for both can vary from day to day, and holidays are usually more expensive]. I've found Amtrak and Greyhound to be about the same, not counting Greyhound's companion half-fare, which tips that balance in favor of the bus.

For sheer fun, nothing beats Amtrak, to me, though. Flying is cramped, and there's the security lines. Buses are better than planes, but it takes longer. Amtrak...well, the service is so excellent, and the riding pleasant, I never wanted my few trips on it to end.

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