Saturday, December 12, 2009

BBB scam alert - Facebook, MySpace traps

Denver News Examiner

BBB scam alert - Facebook, MySpace traps
February 10, 7:11 PMDenver News ExaminerEd Duffy






BBB Warns: Your Facebook Friends Could Actually be Hackers, Scam Artists and ID Thieves

Social networking Web sites are a great way to find old classmates, stay connected with friends, or make new friends. Unfortunately, hackers are using Web sites like Facebook to infect computers and steal identities.

Your Better Business Bureau is urging you to protect yourself against hackers, scammers and ID thieves on social networking Web sites by becoming familiar with popular scams.

Some common social networking schemes include the following:


For more info: 

Be careful, but don't let scams scare you off the Internet. Knowledge is power. Click through and read this article on, then go to the BBB link and read up on all the scams, not just the Internet ones. Whenever there's economic turbulence, there is an increase in crooks trying to take your money. A little caution, and a lot of information, add up to a happier consumer, whether on or off the Internet. Be safe!

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