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Battling with HP over defective PC: Total Care for your HP desktop PC

While your HP�desktop�PC�is covered by the standard warranty you receive:

Out of warranty? You can still use HP Support Assistant to keep your PC in tip-top shape. You can also access HP’s Web, email and chat support at no cost. For additional coverage, please see the service options below.

The Battle of My PC has begun! I love HP, but my IQ 506t is a lemon and I am fighting for a diff model PC. Pray for me, Friends! This PC has never worked properly, my nephew has same problems w/same model. Most HPs are wonderful. Every manufacturer has occasional duds.

You've gone through this, right? You call Tech Support and you get someone from India who may speak perfect English, but he or she is reading questions off a computer monitor and giving canned answers. There are about 3 tiers of these folks, who do a good job, but if you need someone who's not reading from a screen, it's really hard to work your way through the maze. I'm tired of opening the case and juggling parts and cutting myself on the sharp edges in there. My PC weighs 30 lbs. I'm not able to lift it. It's under warranty. They have a record of everything they told me to do, everything I tried, and most of it I tried already because HP has a huge database of every problem under the sun, and yes, I can read and follow directions!

I'm not ready to give up on HP, because most of their computers are wonderful. I do not have a very high opinion of Windows, and virus attacks have me worn down. I went dual-boot, and though even my Linux Ubuntu has problems, I can still get onto the Internet. Vista died again with lots of blue screens of death before I even put my files on the hard drive from the reformat. I can now do a reformat and reinstall from HP's do it yourself Recovery Disk Set [which works perfectly, so no, HP, it's not my DVD Media] IN MY SLEEP. You know it's bad when the PC goes down before you can even get your software reinstalled. It went down before I installed ANYTHING.

HP, I'm fed up. Look, just give me a PC that works. I'm trying to sell my self-published book. It's cold, and my health isn't as good as it was in warmer weather. I'm disabled, and stay in bed all day trying to distract myself from my trials. A working PC gives me a lot of distractions, and contact with the world and my Church i wouldn't have without it. I don't usually get on the WWW and gripe, but a year's worth of frustration has me feeling like maybe I can blog about this, and someone, anyone, might see it. My audience is small, so realistically, this blog probably won't reach anyone who can help me. I made a video of some of my problems [my daughter's with her HP, actually - she somehow managed to crack her LCD, and that's not HP's fault] and they told me they weren't allowed to use external links.

So, it's me against HP in the battle for a replacement for my lemon. Who wins? I'm hoping I can get a hold of someone at HP who will listen - and, who can understand what I'm trying to say. India is not the problem - I have friends on Orkut who are from India, and they are very sweet people. The problem is, when you have scripted support, you might need support that's not in the script. I want to get past the scripts and get a tech to help me. I don't want a battle a la' Battlefield by Jordin Sparks (Audio CD - 2009), still want to be friends and make nice with HP. I just want stuff that works. Enough troubleshooting and doing the same things over and over!! I'm tired, and it's the Christmas Season. HP, how 'bout a little Christmas Spirit?

My email to Tech Support:

If there is an error message, please specify: Could not get to work with TV - asks for infrared plug-in
Problem Description: You have records of my previous chats/calls/repairs to unit/replacement of defective USB ports, memory, DVD drive, blue screens, errors, slowdowns, freezes, etc
Please provide previous troubleshooting steps, or information that can help HP assist you.: Replaced DVD drive last Dec. Reformatted HD many times. Factory replaced USB ports, memory. Reformatted HD again after following steps on Web Site. Many chats with Service. Calls to Service. I used to repair computers, so take my word for it, I've done everything including setting up dual boot for Vista/Linux because Vista refuses to stay up. Currently only Linux works, but I am still having display freezes/blank screen issues, slowdowns, etc. Had these issues under Vista and Linux. Replaced HD. Memory has been replaced. Vista gives blue screens and breaks so frequently I am constantly reformatting HD. HD taken out of machine works perfectly with older HP PC.
Has anything changed since the unit functioned properly (installation of SW, settings, cabling, etc.): Unit has NEVER functioned properly. Touch screen issues, USB recognition issues, can't get it to recognize HP OfficeJet PRN or HP G4050 ScanJet. Totally frustrated. I will not be satisfied with less than a different model of PC. My nephew has the same machine and the same issues. It is a lemon. I am through with IQ TouchScreens, period. Give me a comparable HP machine that works, and is compatible with Linux Ubuntu and either Vista or Win 7 with same specs. It is not a memory problem or HD problem. I keep the machine clean, and there is no dust inside the case. I keep a fan on it at all times, so it is not overheating. I need another model of PC. As long as it has same specs and works, I don't care if it's refurbished. Thank you.
How would you describe your technical skill level?: Advanced

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