Sunday, November 15, 2009

The RAM Chip Shuffle

I spent an hour with Tech Support -- again. It's better to laugh than to cry. Once again, I'll have to try to keep up with about 12 screws and assorted plates and computer parts, and cut my fingers on the sharp parts inside the case of my PC [sigh]. I'm too nice. I should demand they give me a new one, all the problems I've had continually...but, I'll do the RAM Chip Shuffle and see what happens. So, I wrote a filk* to hum while I'm opening the case. It's better than trying to throw the computer!

*filk - for those who never went to a science fiction convention: Someone misspelled "folk" for folk music on a program once. Filk was born! Those who make up filks put their own words to common folk tunes. I'm a closet filker. I write things like, "Bye, Bye, Bus Stop" [to the tune of "Bye, Bye, Blackbird"], and this new one below, inspired by my lemon PC.

The RAM Chip Shuffle

I talked to a computer tech
He seemed aw'fly nice
But he says I need to get my RAM
Plugged and unplugged twice...

[to the tune of "Hokey Pokey"]
You take your RAM Bank 0
You take your RAM Bank 1
Put Bank 1 in Slot 0
Lay Bank 0 someplace safe
You do the Module shuffle
And you test it out just right
I may be up all night! [clap clap]

You take your RAM Bank 1
And lay it someplace safe
You take your RAM Bank 0
And put it in Slot 1
You get your system tested
And make sure it tests out right
This one might take all night [clap clap]

You do that RAM Chip Shuffle!
You do that RAM Chip Shuffle!
You do that RAM Chip Shuffle!
Testin' all through the night [that's right!!]

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