Friday, November 6, 2009

I Was Forced Into A Nursing Home

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dannistories says:

This was my half of my semiprivate room in a nursing home. Staff were wonderful, but too few of them [typical nursing home scenario]. I was forced to come to the nursing home when I became unable to do housework, and the public school's social worker felt 9 year old Maggie was unable to help me. But, I was applying for Social Security Disability, which would give me Medicare. Because I did not have this, I was ineligible for services except for nursing home care. Medicaid later refused to pay, and that was a two-year battle to get them to pay up. Because of a wonderful family at our Church, my daughter didn't end up in foster care, and I was able to get her back. My sister couldn't help me; there was no possibility of simply moving to her house with Maggie. The US Government needs to supply money for care at home [which is a lot less expensive than nursing home care]. As it is now, many disabled persons are forced into nursing home life. I tried to look happy for Maggie, but believe me, I was not happy here.

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