Friday, November 20, 2009

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Pregnant Women

What Pregnant Women Should Know About H1N1 Virus    More >>

Find out about fraudulent products     More >> H1N1 Flu Update

Special Briefing on H1N1 Flu Nov 23rd 3:30 PM EST    More >>

Ask the Flu Experts!

Ask the Expert

Q: What is the risk for hospital kitchen staff workers if they have the flu (knowingly or unknowingly) and preparing the food? What is the likelihood of the food being contaminated with flu viruses?

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Myths & Facts

H1N1 Flu


Nov 19

Simple steps to stay healthy and flu-free

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Nov 17

Healthday News reporter Serena Gordon has asthma. Then she caught the flu.

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From the News Room

Nov 12

Nov 10

FDA Commissioner thanks doctors for their efforts and provides information on the safety of H1N1 vaccines.

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Sid the Science Kid

Watch Sid the Science Kid Sing
"Stopping That Virus, That's Our Goal!"

Elmo Joins State Governors to Tell
How to Stay Healthy this Flu Season (audio only)

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Find out about the Swine Flu Pandemic! Learn how to protect yourself in these dangerous times. Fatalities are a lot higher this year than in past years. Read up, and please, be safe. Whether or not you want the vaccine, there are tips for avoiding flu. There's also a guideline for figuring out if what is making you sick is truly Swine Flu. Go check it out!

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