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    About the author
    Novel: NaNoWriMo Offplanet
    Genre: Science Fiction
    9,504 words so far  

    Synopsis: NaNoWriMo Offplanet

    Myra is 14, and she's let a friend lead her astray. She meets a man over the Internet whom she thinks is her age, but he takes her for a slave. They are rescued by the Zheien of MarKu in another galaxy, so Myra learns to live in a new culture, and with her shame. But, when slavers invade all of MarKu, it's up to Myra to help hide her group.

    Excerpt: NaNoWriMo Offplanet

    It was like my memories ended there, and I wore one of those scratchy tunics. Felt like it was made of a scouring pad! I had scrapes all over me. Worse. All of me hurt. I shook all over. I wanted to feel that high again. That scared me. I never thought I’d get addicted to anything! Last year, when I was thirteen, I wrote a novel. Our teacher got us into the National Novel Writing Month Young Writers’ Program. When I heard she wanted us to try to write 50,000 words, I thought she was crazy! But, I did it. Only five of us finished. Then, I’d never tried drugs, but my friend Ellie told me what happened to her. She did cocaine and got addicted. I felt bad for her. My best friend, a misfit like me. She said she never felt happy again after that one, wonderful high. She kept using cocaine, but it was just to feel normal, not to get high. If she didn’t, she got sick. So, I wrote my book about my friend; but, to cheer her up, I made her get abducted by aliens who could cure her addiction, and she went off to live in this fairy place where she could be happy. I even gave her a loving foster family. Her dad got high and beat her up, and her mother. When I finished the book, I called her up to tell her, and her mother told me she died the day before that.

    My life’s over. All around me, guards in black robes shook fists at scared people in the tunics. We’re slaves!

    But, the man who held me, and the ones around us, sat so they hid me. From that day on, they protected me, on that horrible ship. They didn’t speak English, so I only got mind-pictures, but I learned he was a healer. They use telepathy for healing. He couldn’t save me, and his sorrow rumbled on my skin. Why so sad over me, a stranger? His name was Teherah, and he looked peachy-skinned like me, but with wrinkles and silver hair like my dad’s. But, he didn’t act rough with me like Dad did. His touch was very gentle, and he seemed to know when something got uncomfortable. Sometimes it was a wrinkle. Sometimes, he turned me so I could lie the other way in his lap. Or, he’d straighten my neck when it hurt from all the shivering. I couldn’t get warm. I had tubes in me so when I got sick, nothing got messy. A guard put them in. Teherah wasn’t happy about them, but they did keep me dry.

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  • Here's what I'm doing for NaNoWriMo this year, my first year! Comments welcome.

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