Wednesday, November 4, 2009

'Wesley Crusher' reveals his role in Abrams' Star Trek | SCI FI Wire

I always loved the episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation with Wil Wheaton playing the doctor's young son, Wesley Crusher. Wes was a child prodigy and proved himself enough to sit on the bridge before he even went to the Academy. I disagreed with the powers that be who said there was too much of Wes saving the ship. Those were always my favorite episodes! I'm glad he made it into the movie, but not happy at all they didn't have William Shatner in it. Also, what idiot decided to redesign the old Enterprise?! Loved the movie, hated the unfamiliararity of the sets. And, Klingons that didn't even resemble Klingons. This movie should've been set in the future, but then we wouldn't have had the treat of seeing the main Star Trek originals appear in their younger selves. All the actors were great! If you haven't seen this movie, you should. It's better in the theatre, but I'm waiting eagerly for my sister to send me the DVD so we can watch again. Also, can't wait for the next one. They better explain why the Enterprise didn't look like the old Star Trek pilot to us old fogie fans. And, they better find someplace to put William Shatner in, or I shall be disappointed. I'd like to see ALL the Star Trek actors appear, even in bit parts, even the red shirts who got creamed [insider Trekker joke], from every incarnation of Trek. Can you just imagine LeVar Burton and all the Star Trek Next Generation crew, crew from Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and even Andromeda? And, don't forget Enterprise. Mr. Abrams, please don't forget. I hope you'll tweak the ears of your design people. Make your Klingons look Klingon. Make your Enterprise look like herself. Include more of our familiar actors. That's my two cents worth. I was 8 when the first Star Trek episode aired, and I started writing lousy episodes for it at that age. Now I write science fiction, and all because of Star Trek.

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