Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Dannis is a disabled single parent who homeschooled her youngest daughter, Maggie, and this 18-year old is a sophomore at Andrew College in Cuthbert, GA. Her older daughter, Amanda, lives in Portland, OR. Currently, she is Atlanta Low-Income Examiner on Examiner.com She has been writing since age 11. Dannis uses a power chair to get around, and a scooter when traveling. She attended Georgia State University as a psychology major, is a Ham radio operator, designs her own book covers and books, and is low income, herself. She would love to come to you to do an interview or presentation on Indigent Indie Publication for your customers! Dannis is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and lives in farming community Cuthbert, GA. As an Atlanta native, she is a MARTA fan! She can also speak about disability issues, sexual abuse, mental health, and creative writing, as well as green living on a budget, rural life, how to get help from social service agencies, transit and public transportation. Dannis became a DJ at 16 for WRWH-AM in Cleveland, GA, the second youngest girl ever to do so in Habersham County GA at the time. She worked at Life Chiropractic College Library, Georgia Tech Library, Georgia State University Library, and University of Utah Library. A library worker by trade, she was also a computer tech for two years before she became disabled. She writes under her first name only, because it is an unusual name. Contact Dannis by email: dannis@dannistories.com About DanniStories Therapeutic Science Fiction. 'Good' Stories. DanniStories is on a mission: Science Fiction that calls attention to social issues, but handled in a delicate manner. Each story brings a character close. A character with a real social issue. Whether the issue is abuse, addiction, divorce, single parenthood, chronic illness, disability, or a combination, the character has to deal with that as well as the compelling problem that makes the story. Characters talk about the aftermath, and how it affects their lives. Dannis hopes that reading her fiction might be therapeutic for a person dealing with some of the same issues.

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Dannis is ready to come to your group or do a video feed with live chat! Email her today! Her schedule on her Thanksgiving trip is wide open, but won't stay that way for long! Or, you can contact her on Twitter with username dannistories. On the road, she is willing to detour a few miles to visit your bookstore, library, or school and show you a copy of her sci fi novel, Home Is Not Home.

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