Friday, November 6, 2009

Altanta Low Income Issues Examiner

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Want to explore the world of low income people? Are you low income and need help moving to Atlanta, or making ends meet, there? Dannis Cole is on food stamps and has lived the low income life for most of her adult life, because of poor health and her disability. She will throw light on how to relocate to Atlanta on a tight budget, travel without a car, what you should know about low income housing, how to get around Atlanta on MARTA in a wheelchair, and other topics like where to go for help. She is updating links to help you find the info you need for planning. With links to articles from good sources, she also shares her personal experiences with you, to try to show the picture from both sides of the coin. Even if you've never been to Atlanta to live, you can get a glimpse of what Atlanta life is all about for a low income person, or maybe, how to get help where you live for yourself or someone you love.

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