Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trophospheric Ducting

Ah, the Radio Station Incident got me quick answers. At both stations, nothing is awry. I am the victim of Trophosperic Ducting! If this was a Ham contact from halfway across the world on the 2 meter band, I'd be beside myself for joy! But, unfortunately, I am rather fond of our local DJs. I am now listening happily to WOOF-FM with a lot of static. Kudos to Chief Engineer Marc Lehmuth of Q-100 in Atlanta for his quick response and wonderfully clear explanation of Trophospheric Ducting. Also, kudos to Chief Engineer Michael Holderfield of WOOF-FM in Dothan, AL, who confirmed my worst fears. A transmitter can be adjusted, but Trophospheric Ducting can't. I've been having static for two months on two different radios, one worse than the others. But, that's ok. Some FM DX-ers were probably very happy about it.

For a detailed explanation, see this site:

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