Thursday, October 29, 2009

Space Renaissance

Space Renaissance is a new, global philosophy, having its basic ground on Earth, and its natural development in the extraterrestrial space.

Our founding concepts are New Humanism and Astro Humanism. We look at the past Renaissance (1500) as an inspiration for patronage and capability to aim high, and to make great projects by means of good will and mutual cooperation.

Among our scopes: 


to give birth to a Foundation


to build a great school for graduates and post-graduate doctorates and masters


to build the philosophy and the culture of the Space Age, to help the New Renaissance of Humanity in Space


to give birth to a world wide Space Renaissance Forum, to bring the Space Renaissance Philosophy and proposals to the large public attention

The statute is in progress, and will be soon submitted to all the good willing Terrestrians. 

We are looking for a better logo, please help.

Let's explore space as a global community! If, tomorrow, a nonprofit built a space station for people with health problems and called for volunteers, I would go. As a young person, I wanted to major in aerospace, but couldn't afford to go to U of GA where it was offered. I really wasn't healthy enough. But, I wanted to go. There is no shortage of volunteers to enter a space vehicle, despite the dangers. We have the people; let's find a way to pay for space and send them. If we wait until there are no dangers, no one will ever go. As we develop our space expertise, we will learn how to make it safer. The early explorers lost ships traveling on the ocean until we learned how to do this safely. There will always be dangers, as deaths on the highways prove. But, how many of you think twice before driving to the grocery store, or across the state to visit relatives? I once drove 2000 miles to a state I'd never seen, to live there. People like me want to explore. People who don't want to go, they can cheer us on. I believe Heavenly Father gave us the knowledge to take these baby steps into space; if He didn't want us to go, we wouldn't. Why shouldn't we send colonies out, and relieve Earth's population explosion in a way where everyone can have more room? There are minerals that will someday make space profitable. Space tourism will only increase. Robots can do the most dangerous jobs and increase the safety for man. Brave men will pave the way for the timid as colonies are established and grow. A permanent presence in space leads to new methods of terraforming worlds and healthy colonies. We have the tech to begin now. Why shouldn't we increase our presence in space, as a global community, and find new ways to power the tech, grow the food, and feed the dreams of a brighter future? A future, not just for the rich or adventurous, but to benefit all mankind. Many of the advances we enjoy came from research and development for the space program. There's a huge list on NASA. I'm sure ESA has a similar list, and the other space agencies. As space exploration increases, we have the opportunity to do more science research, which can benefit those who will stay on Earth. Hope is a great and intangible benefit from increased space exploration. The world needs more of it. More dreams of reaching for things we don't understand well yet, but can come to understand. There are yet frontiers right here on Earth to be explored. But, space beckons also. Dreams can become goals and steps can lead ever outward, if we just give our explorers a chance to do what they were born to do.

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