Monday, October 26, 2009

How I Reacted When I Lost My Article

I was on, my second article of the day. I had good links. I had it written. I was just looking up one more link in another tab. All of a sudden [isn't it always sudden?] a window appears. A wicked, horrible window [this should be Halloween]. It said Firefox had an error and must close. No opportunity to save anything, so I knew it was a severe error. I did have about 12 windows open at once [I know, what was I thinking?!] because I was going to use those links. The article was How to get to Atlanta in a wheelchair. I will never know how good it was. I will have to start from scratch. Last time, it went through ok. The 3 articles before that, I did in text files before posting. Boy, will I keep doing that! I didn't post for a week because I was getting my PC set up to dual boot, and had troubles getting to the email where I had my special link to the login page. Now, things are going better in the computing realm, if my Firefox 3.5 won't crash on me like that. I have to be smarter and back up things.

Yup, I've got a new signature. It probably has about a dozen too many buttons, but it was such fun to see where I've got accounts. There's a lot more that wouldn't fit. The second Facebook icon is Shoutlife, but I didn't have an icon for it.

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