Friday, October 30, 2009

#hashtags - What's happening right now on twitter

Check out this website I found at

Hashtags are a way to put a keyword tag on your tweet; any word in your tweet can be a hashtag, to help people find your tweet. Just put a # in front of the word, like #haiku if you're tweeting a haiku, or #geek if you're talking tech. I'm still learning about hashtags, so this site is great for me because I can see common hashtags that people are using. Since it's Friday, you'll see a lot of #follow_friday tags suggesting people for you to follow, and you can suggest people you'd like to see get more followers by putting this hashtag on with the person's username, like #follow_friday @dannistories if you think people should follow me, or @ASPCA #follow_friday. You can click on Follow Friday when in Twitter to get ideas. Personally, I like individual Follow Fridays instead of lists. I want to know why people want this person followed, and you can't annotate in a list. But, if you want to make a whole bunch of people feel good, hey, post a list! If the name sounds interesting, a lot of times, I'll click on it to see the person's profile. I especially look for space-related folks and groups to follow, but you can see who and what I follow by looking at my profile. You can also see my 60-odd followers. Twitter is cool! It's like a 140-character blog, in real-time bits.

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