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Calling All Habersham Central High School Alumni [Habersham Co GA]

Check out http://www.alumniclass.com/habershamcentral and sign up! It's free, but to access good parts of the site, it's $10. I'd like to get everyone together for our 35-year reunion, but I'll need help! This would be 2011 or 2012, depending on which year you count from. Tell everyone from Class of '77, but also tell everyone connected with Central or South Habersham to sign up! Also, I'd like to see you North Habersham Alumni get on the site and create a North Hab group! I've created the lonely South Hab group with one member--me. Come join me! A lot of you are on Facebook, but I'm posting every which way to try to get more of you together. If you went to school in Habersham County, GA, even briefly, you are invited to join us! Let's have fun, People!

I know the picture is South Hab, but I don't have any of Central. My Central annuals are in my trunk, and I can't lift stuff off it, so it may be a while before I can get those digitized. Also, any of you on Annual Staff at Central? Was it a student job, which would mean it's ok for us to digitize and put it up [this is the case with South Hab--Mr Gallagher took most of the pix]? Or, did a company do the yearbook [which would mean it's copyrighted by that company and we need to ferret out permission]?

Y'all watch for the new South Habersham Junior High group on Facebook - I promised to start one there, too, to call attention to the HCHS Alumni Web Site. I'd like to see people join both! It would be nice if someone could help me keep up with cross-posting.

On my Alumni Page on the Habersham Central Alumni site, I have posted a very few pix from Mama's newspaper column; she gave me the ones that didn't go in The Times. I am posting them there, and will try to get them posted on FB also so people can see them who aren't alums [like your kids and grandkids]. Anyone with pictures, please create albums for the appropriate school. I'll try to get my pix up. I took my camera with me to school several times at South Hab. Most of the pix have purplish splotches, but my allowance didn't pay for good developing. Anyone remember Triple Print Photo Developing? Mail order was cheaper than the film was. If anyone in these pictures objects to me posting, please email me at dannistories@gmail.com pronto and I'll do some quick photo editing to blur you out. Tell your friends who might be in them, or families if they're passed on, so they have plenty of opportunities to tell me not to put them on the Internet. The Alumni Site is closed to anyone who's not an alumnus or former faculty, so I think posting pix there is pretty safe. Anyone who feels otherwise, I'd love to hear about it. Ditto Facebook. The Terms of Service for Facebook tells me [unless I'm badly mistaken] that the copyright of my pictures stays with me. Anyone who wants to download my pix for personal use, I don't mind, though the Alumni Site may. I'm willing to put them where you can download freely [like on Facebook], just don't print them or post them elsewhere on the Internet without my permission. I don't want them sold; I want us alums and their descendants to be able to have copies for the scrapbook. Don't post anything to genealogy.com and places like that, or you lose the copyright! They take stuff and sell it, and there goes freebies for the ones who want it the most. Be careful to read through the Terms of Service on any site you want to post your stuff to, so you don't lose your copyright on your pictures.

If any of you live near Clarkesville Elem, and if the building I attended in 1970 is still there, could you take pics for me? Digital is better. I came down here to Cuthbert where Mama went to school, the building was still there, and the principal welcomed me into all parts of the building to take pix. She said since the building's old, they get people taking pix all the time. I found the same to be true at Hightower Elem in Doraville, GA where I went to 1st grade, and my sister's high school. So, anyone brave enough to venture there, or to Central, will probably be rewarded with permissions. I know South Hab has been torn down [sigh], but at least we have my three years of annuals, which I am slowly uploading. Anyone who doesn't want what they wrote in mine to be on the Internet, please let me know. I treasure all the signatures I collected on my South Hab annuals. At Central I didn't get a single signature because I was out sick when the annuals went out, every time, and I did Distributive Ed and worked part time, so I left early every day. I still have them, too, but the South Hab ones were thinner and easier to digitize.

Let me know what you think, everybody! I am Class of '77 alumni number six. There needs to be more of us registered on the Alumni Site! Tell everyone from all years, too, not just '77. I plan to tell my nephew about the site, and he's a LOT younger than us :) Tell your relatives who graduated after you.

Have fun and take care!

Dannis Cole
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