Thursday, October 29, 2009

The American Cancer Society:

Hope Starts With Me!

Me and my husband the year we got married. I want many years with him.

Me and my baby girl wearing our supportive pink.

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Mrs. Christina Marie Kyle

97 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $300.00
Achieved: $290.00

Make a gift to support
Mrs. Christina Marie Kyle

Everyone, if you haven't donated to American Cancer Society yet this year, please stop by this page and help my niece! She's fundraising on Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and has been working very hard! She just did a local Walk in her area. I wanted to go, but couldn't, so this is my little corner of support for the cause. I challenge all of you to at least make a minimum donation of $5, or match my $10, at least. Cancer touched our family more than four times. Support the research, so it won't hurt our children and our grandchildren.

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