Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Contest! Read Home Is Not Home -- Free!!

This one is only for you lucky Blogger DanniStories Readers! Follow the link above and read the chapters posted. At some point, by the end of September, I will password-protect Adia's Posterous, and there will be only one person allowed to read the rest, in October. But, I did say this was a September Contest.

Here's the deal. Read what's up when you go on the site, and give me your most compelling reason for wanting desperately to read the rest! Give a review of what you read so far. Or, write what you think will happen next. I will post the most entertaining answers here, and give you the password, too.

What's the catch? You have to agree to post your review [be honest] of what you liked, or details of what you didn't like, or both, on on the Home Is Not Home page after you have read the entire thing.

I need reviewers and you like to read. Hopefully, this contest will be fun for both of us! Clicking on the title of this blog post will take you to the latest chapter. Note: The first chapter is at the very bottom. I wish I knew how to sort this thing!

Watch for other contests to come.

Happy reading!


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