Monday, September 7, 2009

Press Release - Home Is Not Home

Announcing, Home Is Not Home,

A Therapeutic Science Fiction Novel

For Those Who Are Sick Of Low Morality: No Profanity, No Explicit Sex, No Sickening Gore

Cuthbert, GA - In this sleepy little farming town, Dannis has embarked on a mission. Therapeutic Science Fiction. She believes that a writer must take responsibility for the youth who might read her books and stories. She believes a writer doesn't have to resort to profanity, sex, and violence because "that's reality". She thinks fiction can be a major force for good in the world, and science fiction has always been a wondrous platform for exposing social issues. In 2009, Dannis decided to launch her mission with her first book in the Home Is Series, Home Is Not Home.

Librarians and concerned parents tell Dannis they want books that include good moral values. As a psychology major in college, Dannis studied books about healthy communication, healing of abuse, and relationships. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Because of this, she sets a high moral bar for her writing quality. If a story contains abuse, she gives it a label of PG-13 to warn parents that they might wish to review it before recommending it to their children. When writing about such difficult topics as sexual abuse, much is implied. The emphasis is on communication, support, and healing. Dannis hopes that a person who has been abused might find these stories healing. For those who wish to understand the abused, they might learn methods of helping the victim cope.

Home Is Not Home is the first volume in the Home Is Series, which has 13 books so far. Other novels and stories [54 in all] are available for Amazon’s Kindle reading device.

Adia, Scientist of Areon, researches the most volatile substance in the galaxy. Ryonne~, King of Ye~ and Most High Diplomat to the Emperor, is sent on the most difficult missions in seven galaxies as intergalactic war looms closer to their star system. Adia's love for Ryonne~ will save him, and possibly end the War, if she can just learn to control the balky Cube of White Light. Rated PG By Author

In Home Is Not Home, Ryonne~, strong, capable King of a tiny kingdom, must cope with loss of great skills due to brain injury. He acquires traumatic epilepsy. This book realistically portrays the recovery and adjustment process, though faster than it would be for an Earthan. Those experiencing similar trials might find it helpful to read this book. It is part of a long series, and so the help goes on. Through their strong faith, Ryee and his wife Adia keep going, though stranded on Earth. Laura, a nurse in a head-injury recovery center, secretly helps them.

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Order in Hardcover, Trade Paperback, as an eBook in multiple formats, and coming soon as audiobook

DanniStories – Therapeutic Science Fiction

Write Dannis
Dannis is available to speak to your group about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, the writing life, science topics, social issues, psychology, transit, green living, and other subjects. She started her Indie publishing house while on Food Stamps and on a fixed income. She uses a power chair and is a single parent, mother of two grown girls.

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