Saturday, September 5, 2009

DanniStories Catalog With Blurbs

Now at you can see my entire catalog of buyable stories! This will be updated as I add more, and I will put links for where they are available. Right now, I have one trade paperback, Home Is Not Home, and 54 Kindle eBooks from novels to short-short stories. I have plans to add collections of stories, and different formats. For example, I am recording Home Is Not Home as an audiobook. The Catalog page has blurbs, and the Excerpts Page will soon have long excerpts for you to read. Stay tuned for contests! Soon, I will have some stories up on private sites, for some lucky winner to read. Details to come. In the meantime, you may read chapters of Home Is Not Home at Adia's Posterous, through September. In October, I will password-protect this blog, and put the rest of the novel up. Then, October's contest will end with one lucky winner who can read Home Is Not Home, as the prize!

 Everyone, have a nice Labor Day Weekend!


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