Friday, August 28, 2009

Start Locally, Think Globally, Indie Publisher!

I've been taking some of Brian Jud's training about book promotion, and I got started today. Serrita, my PCA, went with me to help. It was a soggy, rainy day, but I actually drove the car up to Randolph County Library and had a nice visit with the sunny staff there. Ada The Librarian was in Dawson for a Regional Meeting, but I showed them my proof copy of Home Is Not Home, and a friend happened to be in there and I showed her, too. They liked my cover! So, I promised to bring them a complimentary copy when the dozen I ordered get here. They weren't in the PO today, so maybe tomorrow. But, it felt good to get out of the house for a little bit.

That was my first visit anyplace to promote my book. My starting place. I was nervous, but I know the good folks who work in our wonderful public library, and in the Andrew College Library, my next stop. Ms. Karan Pittman is also our County Historian and has helped me with geneaology research. She liked my book, too, and will buy one from my Web site for their library! Also, she has a column in the Cuthbert Southern Tribune, our local paper, and she promised to write me up in it. I didn't expect that! She's so sweet!

Then, I stepped outside my comfort zone a bit and went to Randolph-Clay High. I'd never had occasion to visit there, but I went right to the Principal's Office, and a nice lady in there led me the back way into the Library, since I was in my portable scooter. We had to wrap my book up so the proof copy wouldn't get wet. By this time, rain was a steady drizzle, and disorganized me forgot the umbrella. Serrita put up with the wet weather and having to assemble/disassemble the scooter for me, and she's such a trooper!

The School Librarian gave me a warm welcome, and also promised to visit my Web site and buy the book! I may get to visit these libraries to give a presentation on How To Get Your Book Published. Today, Randolph County, soon, Dawson, where the Regional Public Library lives.

Also, in a moment of insanity, I signed up for an Internet Radio Station on, expecting to be able to post a podcast intermittently. Not so, it will have to be live, since I'm doing the freebie account.

I had plans to do my own jingle: I found a public domain song by no other than the Edison Grand Concert Band, a catchy tune called Anona [this came from The Internet Archive. Anything published before 1922 is public domain, and legal to use for my filk purposes]. But, I downloaded Audacity [], a wonderful freeware I've used for years until Vista. I can't get it to let me record, and I am one frustrated woman tonight! Here's the silly words to my jingle filk:

DanniStories Filk

If you want to read a science fiction
Novel from an Indie publisher

D-A-N-N-I-S it is my name
D-A-N-N-I-S is not profane

check it out!

Home Is Not Home
is out right now in paperback
It's out on Amazon eBook for Kindle
It's about Adia and Ryonne~
And how they save the galaxies

D-A-N-N-I-S it's my first name
D-A-N-N-I-S is not profane

Science fiction for non-nerds
Science fiction for Christians
Science fiction for young adults
Science fiction for good morals!
Science fiction for women
And good men, too!
It's there Waiting for you!

If you want to read a science fiction
Novel from an independent publisher

D-A-N-N-I-S it's Dannis, Dannis
D-A-N-N-I-S is DanniStories

All I need is the way to make a quality recording... oh, well.

Tomorrow at 5pm, I will go on the air and talk for 15 mins about Indigent Indie Publishing! Sign up at to hear this and other Internet Radio programs. A copy should be saved to my Web site for later. Wish me luck!

Someday, I'll get that jingle recorded, but not at 3am! I should have been sleeping 3 hours ago, so I'll end the blog here.

One last note: I updated my Web Site some more, and added an Art Page with links to the best 3D softwares and models I've discovered so far: Vue 7 and DAZ Studio. You can get them free, too. Just visit, click on my Art Page link, and you will see gobs of them! Have fun!


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