Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally Got Wondrous Graphic Software!

I went looking for a better program than Windows Paint to do my book covers. My solution is Vue Esprit and DAX Poser [the free version]. Vue 7 is for landscapes and scenery, buildings, etc. DAX Poser is for creating people and animals. Both programs include animation!

Vue Pioneer 7 is modular, and the base is free and fully functional. You do get the Vue 7 logo on your creations until you buy something. Vue Esprit gives you the right to create stuff to publish. Web Site: They also make a product called Vue Science Fiction which I bought, and I'm very pleased with it! Plenty of free tutorials on the site to teach how to use it. And freebies to play with!

DAX Poser free version is at
You must create a free account, but then you may download the software. Like Vue, modules cost, people cost, but there are many, many freebies to download. Haven't played with Poser much yet, but I'm very excited about it.

Check it out! Now I can do graphics like special effects in the movies! You can, too! Hint: use the tutorials. I'd never have myself up and running this fast in Vue without them, and DAX is totally different. It's worth the steep learning curve.

I have plans to put some knockout freebies on my Web site--wallpapers, maybe some animations once I get the hang of it. Watch, which is still under construction.

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