Monday, August 10, 2009

DanniStories Web Site

I am having trouble with my web site and it is still under construction, but I hopefully fixed a few issues on the home page and updated it. Let me know if you have problems! Go to and check it out! Then, please email me at and let me know how it worked! Please tell me what browser you are using. I have some trouble reports from Internet Explorer users, but I haven't heard from anyone who uses Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. I am disabled, so things take me a little longer. Please bear with me.

On the site, I annonced my paperback release of Home Is Not Home, which I am planning to release by September. I am redesigning the cover in Vue 7, and have requested a Library of Congress Card Number. Since I am a small publisher, I cannot get on the CIP program [apologies to all you librarian catalogers out there!], but I can get a LCN. Love the Library of Congress! I will be giving them my required 2 copies, so you should have something to go by soon.

Link to Home Is Not Home, the eBook, is on my home page.

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