Thursday, July 23, 2009

Newly Uploaded

Home Is Change, 6th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow’s Start, Vol. 1 in Rainbow Series. Zhea~ Year 7824 Ryonne~ travels with Emperor Ry’nao to negotiate with Dai’nos, King of Ishah and Praefate of Elshar, for healers. While there, Ryonne~ collapses of exhaustion, and Ry’nao’s choice of treatment has adverse effects. Ahstam comes to help. Patients Doug and Jen, Russ and Suma, benefit from the Yeff delegation. Laura's heart surgery saves her son W'Vie & Geor~geh, Dai’nos’ adopted son. Will trade of her Earthan surgery techniques convince King Dai’nos?
Christian science fiction, diplomatic science fiction, slavers, brain injury, healers, medical science fiction, young adult science fiction, no cuss words

Home Is Unwell, 7th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow’s Start, Vol. 1 in Rainbow Series. Zhea~ Year 7825-26 Ryonne~ struggles to govern and work as healer despite fevers and unwells caused by the Change, the rise from one trade level to the next. But, slavers plague the small colony.
Dedicated To My Neighbor Barbara Seely and the wonderful staff of Randolph County Public Library in Cuthbert, Georgia. Our library may be small, but it has many surprising resources for researching family history! So does the Andrew College Library, so I also dedicate this book to Karan B. Pittman, Librarian and her staff there. 346pp. 82877 wds.

Other Novels

Colony To Colony Daughter of a single parent, Siar is named for a Zheien colony her mother always spoke about. Lack of an aandat and trade for passage stopped her. Siar decides to leave Earth in search of a better life. But, is this life better?
Dedicated To Gary and Lin Flandro. $9.99 295pp. Novel. Rated PG-13 medical science fiction, novelette, healers, sexual abuse, mind control, slaver training, indigent issues

Aardvark Practice Christa has dreams of a safer apartment, a car, maybe a ship, but her dreams turn into something more. $3.49 40 pp. Novelette. Rated PG-13 (Kindle Edition - Jul 21, 2009) Zhea~ Year 7839
medical science fiction, novelette, healers, Gowan, library fiction, sexual abuse, mind control, slaver training, Rainbow Unwell Colony v.6

Advice Naught
Myrtle is used to being ignored, but her strong opinion suddenly brings powerful enemies to bear. 82pp. Novella. Rated PG-13

After Trash In a junkyard after dark, Elise loses one part and finds another. Zhea~ Year 7839. 20pp. Rated PG-13. Short Story.

Agricultural Hazard Sonya's idyllic country life isn't working, and her son, Randy's out of control. But, she doesn't realize that her husband, Will, is at the end. Rated G. 20pp. Zhea~ Year 7840 medical science fiction, novelette, healers, TBI, brain injury, country life, Rainbow Unwell Colony

11:30 AM 7/23/2009 These will probably be available later today.

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