Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DanniStories On Kindle

As of right now:

Publishing Aquatic Desert. Your content is being published. Most titles take between 1 to 2 hours to become buyable.
Desi's having more than a bad day, then a stranger pulls her out of the path of a bus. Novella. 170pp.

A Difference of Cries Dannis (Author) 07/12/2009
Ocean cries bring special help. Short-Short Story. 1 page.

Dog's Legacy Dannis (Author) 07/12/2009
Grandma shares her parrot’s secret with her granddaughter. Short-Short Story. 3 pp.

Father Found Dannis (Author) 07/12/2009
Tia’s mother prepares her for her father’s homecoming.
She begins a journey of understanding, the loss of innocence in a bittersweet return home.
Short-short Story. 3 pp.

First Launch Dannis (Author) 07/12/2009
A girl's fae tells of the first successful launch of an interplanetary craft from Zhea~. Short-Short Story. 1 page.

His Brother's Song Dannis (Author) 07/12/2009
In a museum in Anniston, grandmother and granddaughter argue over a scientist’s research. Short-Short Story. 1 page.

Trader's Gift Dannis (Author) 07/12/2009
Cesta’s coming of age too soon mirrors his father’s and takes him to far worlds. But, traders oft find surprises in the Gift….
Short-Short Story. 2pp.

Trader's Holdings Dannis (Author) 07/13/2009
Cindy goes on a date with Ber, but he’s hurt when he meets her at the Atlanta Temple.
She takes him home and police advise her not to see him any more. An Elshar with enemies.
Novella. 147pp.

Woman Lost Dannis (Author) 07/13/2009

Publishing Woman Lost. Your content is being published. Most titles take between 1 to 2 hours to become buyable.
Gussie feels lost in Atlanta, then she finds someone who's even more lost. Novella. 171 pp.

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