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Windows 11 Mysterious Error - Duplicate Application Data Folder


 I Have To Reinstall WHAT??!??

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Windows 11 problems!

Yep, Windows 11 is brand new, so I expected problems. I didn't expect to see an error from Windows 10 in 2011 and 2013.

I just searched and the link I found above was from 2012, above, with a good explanation of why it happened. I just had one subdirectory. In that subdirectory were the files that should have been in the first iteration. Previous times I searched, I got forum entries about it from the dates I mentioned.

I saw one solution that called for renaming the offender and deleting it. When I tried that, I got a 3rd iteration that was just a link. In that link file were all the directories that should have lived in the 1st one. So I un-renamed them and did a system refresh.

The refresh didn't work, so I reinstalled keeping my files.
This worked, but I am having to reinstall all my software and apps that were on my C:/ drive. You can bet I won't be putting Poser or VUE on that C: drive!!

I have also formed some opinions on my spanking new Windows 11.

I like the new look
It was very easy to figure out where things were

Less button space on the bar for the programs I actually use
Buttons I cannot remove and want to: Widgets and Chat
Cannot remove Windows Edge

Search defaults to Windows Edge no matter how I wail and complain that search won't use my default Google Chrome

Cannot easily change groups of extensions to certain programs

Windows Explorer still loses focus on the folder I'm working on
Windows Explorer still scrolls up or opens folders when trying to move files
Quick Access still adds files that I don't want pinned, and some can't be removed, even after unpinning

Overall, I like Windows 11 better than Windows 10, mainly because I'm not constantly brushing the stupid window with news and opening it accidentally! The widgets window behaves better, though I couldn't find any 3rd party apps to put there. Where is Google when you need it?? I would love to put my Google News there instead of Microsoft's pitiful excuse for a news server. At least Google has a vague idea of what I'd like to see there, and more ways to tell it what I want.

I already knew I was in for days of installing software and yes, dealing with passwords. I feel like that fella in the picture. But now I'm worried that I will do all these reinstalls and possibly have to go through it again. I'm going right now to set a restore point!


I love this photo, by Pixabay on Pexels.

 I wrote a filk about it. Sing to the tune of, "What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?"

What Do ye Do When The Password's Fergotten?

Way hey ire she rises,
Way hey ire she rises,
Way hey ire she rises, 
Earlay in th' mornin'

What will I do, I forgot me password,
What will I do, I forgot me password,
What will I do, I forgot me password,
Earlay in th' mornin'

Told it to reset me password,
Told it to reset me password,
Told it to reset me password,
Earlay in th' mornin'

Check me phone, oh no, it's dead now,
Check me phone, oh no, it's dead now,
Check me phone, oh no, it's dead now,
In the midst of mornin'

Phone is chargin', send it to me email,
Phone is chargin', send it to me email,
Phone is chargin', send it to me email,
It is now mid-mornin'

Check me email but forgot that password,
Check me email but forgot that password,
Check me email but forgot that password,
Now it's towards late mornin'

Where's that security key, it's not on me,
Where's that security key, it's not on me,
Where's that security key, it's not on me,
Now it's really late mornin'

Guess it's time for lunch, now, Mateys,
Guess it's time for lunch, now, Mateys,
Guess it's time for lunch, now, Mateys,
Earlay afternoon, now

Tech support says go back to Google,
Tech support says go back to Google,
Tech support says go back to Google,
It's middle afternoon, now

Google says gotta wait 6 hours,
Google says gotta wait 6 hours,
Google says gotta wait 6 hours,
Time to get me home, now!
- Dannis Cole

I plan a TikTok of that soon!

This filk illustrates the problem with passwords, 2-factor authorization, and how we try to cope with it. Sometimes I have to call my daughter in. "Will you please type this [wailing deleted] password in for me...again??"

Passwords and the process of having to type in ever-longer and more complicated ones are discriminatory against people with disabilities. There! I said it!!

The number one obstacle in my life right now is passwords.

I use Google and Google Chrome to manage my passwords. It's usually easy, fast, and Google even has a password generator built-in. When it works.

If you change your password in an app, even on your computer, it will not be saved in Google. That means I had to change it AGAIN because of course, I had no clue what it was when I tried to log in after validating my account.

I am a writer. I do TONS of research. I have passwords on about 3500 sites. So multiply the above routine that many times and you'll see why I'm just about tearing my hair out!

And Google moved their menus around in Settings. I have memory problems. That means, I can never remember where to look for Password Manager. It's hidden from me in many submenus. Usually, I'm a Google fan. I got my email when you had to apply for it, that long ago. I have many email accounts, as many folks do to try to keep work and personal separate. I've just turned to Thunderbird [again, it's been many years] to try to deal with my tens of thousands of emails in each of many accounts.

I do own a Security Key. I tried several free Password Managers. The only one that really works for me is LastPass, but for a free account, I can only use it on one device: My Phone.

My Phone is the thing I get frustrated with and call my daughter in. "Can you make this thing do what I need to do right now??"

I learned how to use a personal computer in 1986 at what is now Chattahoochee Tech. Cellphones have not been my device of choice. The screen is too small for me to see what I'm doing. So I use various means to get my cell connected to my PC so I can text without getting very frustrated. Voice recognition refuses to get what I say right compared to people around me, so I gave up. I spend more time correcting what I said and the AI thought I said than I do just sending the stupid message.

We live in the 21st century. I expected robots, flying cars, and intelligent AI's. What I got is a cellphone I can't see, a computer that doesn't understand my voice, and passwords for everything.

I thought my security key would solve my Google problems. It hasn't.

I thought Windows Hello would solve my Google problems. It hasn't.

It's not just Google, to be fair. It's every company with a website gated with password entry. When, as a society, can we get rid of passwords and just use our fingerprints and faces and security keys???

And then there were keys for the softwares I am dying to use.


VUE 2016 has the most draconian process ever to install their legacy software. As you may know, e-on software's website got creamed by a hacker in 2018.

So, no longer is it enough for me to have my key for my copies of VUE 2016, VUE 2015, and VUE 11. I have files from all of these that have assets that aren't readable from other versions. Sigh.

No, I have to install and put in my key, 4 characters at a time even though it says that you can copy and paste the whole thing. There's not even an installer for my VUE 7 any more, so all those assets are gone.

Then I have to fill out the dreaded contact form for tech support. Tech support will send me a new key based on a number generated in the newly installed software. Tech support is very nice and all but it takes them 48 hours per request. I had trouble the last time, then I had to reinstall Windows 11. Yep. Haven't done it yet.

Poser 11 also has a horse-choker key to activate the software.

Family Tree 2017 also has a key.

Each of these softwares with keys has a password-protected website. Hello, Google!

Enough about passwords. Let's get to the other reason this PC setup is taking so long. 

Windows 11 problems! See next blog post.

It's Been A While


Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Usually, folks enjoy the cooler Fall weather. Well, I'm struggling to get my new PC set up. I still need a USB Type C port free [there's only one so I need a Type C hub] and one of my hard drives is occupying it. I've been trying to stuff my 3D models from 2 old hard drives to two new 5 TB ones and moving pictures, 3D models, creations, stories and story ideas, old copies of my stories in case I have to prove to Amazon KDP [again] that yes, I did create those stories, and old receipts and utility bills etc for proof to Department of Family and Children's Services that I am, indeed, low income. Sigh. All of these things and more live on my many hard drives.

 I still have to get the files from the MSI machine onto them, but first I'm getting the most recent stuff organized. I've been working on this for days and days, which are melting all together!

I also still have to get my files transferred over from the incredible overheating Surface, and then there's files on the Lenovo laptop I used before the Surface, and I need to get the PC ready for a friend, that makes 4 computers needing my attention besides the shiny new Omen.

The 4th, by the way is a Chrome OS machine and the only one without any problems that's fit to give away!! I will combine the others into a Render Farm. But that project will have to wait.

In the meantime, while files chug away, I am learning how to do Unreal Engine 4, in which I hope to bring Adia, Scientist to life. So I'm also learning how to import 3D models from DAZ Studio over the DAZ to Unreal Bridge [is that like the Rainbow Bridge, I wonder?]. Then I can use the same models I use on my book covers to animate and act out my stories!! I might even use the settings to do my livestream. All on the back burner.

I have been doing test renders and all I can say is WOW! That was fast!

I am constructing a render on a commuter train car to be used in a future story.

I am also recruiting my daughter Maggie to help me update my X-Ray entries on Adia, Scientist and teaching her how to edit and catch my [too-many] typos. I have plans to fix all the typos in Adia, Scientist and formatting problems in anticipation of releasing it in paperback and hardcover.

But first, I have to get my PC fully set up.

I installed Thunderbird to manage my multiple email accounts and am moving all my newsletters to a new email. This is a nightmare, and all because of ...


See my next Blog Entry. This one's too long.

So, until I'm fully set up, my livestream is on hold. I will probably have to start from scratch :( But hey, that's life! Omeniae will get set up, and I will be on the air again! Probably, I'll start with short ones once I get the camera plugged in. That hard drive is now receiving my backup files. When I'm done, I can unplug it. Here's hoping it's on the USB C port!

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I am waiting for a new PC or to get an interim one set up to continue my Livestream. Sorry for the inconveniences, Friends! It's part of being on Disabled Time.
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