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Feelings Are Friendly If You Let Them Out

Life is never easy. Sometimes you have temporary problems; a blue day; a headache; the flu; someone you can't seem to get along with, n...

Feelings Are Friendly

Negative feelings tend to hurt ourselves or others, so we try to hide them. This only works for so long, then they escape whether we want them to, or not! The way to tame the volcano is to blow off steam, a little at a time. It's as simple as writing a poem or a letter. Making a sculpture out of clay. Drawing a picture. Doing a hobby. Taking a walk. Telling someone, "I'm feeling" whatever, with a warning that you might seem grouchy but it's not directed at them. All of these things, and more, can defuse an emotion bomb before it gets loaded.

Here's a place to share how negative feelings have impacted you or others. You can tell how you solved a problem, or express your frustration that it isn't solved. You can tell how you wished you solved it. Just please, tell it nicely, without attacking anyone or using bad words.

I will post story excerpts that show how my characters deal with unwieldy feelings, and you can post how you feel about what I wrote.

This feelings page is a part of my blog that I hope will become a community treasure trove of how to solve situations we come across, where feelings can bring trouble. Or, they can bring healing. The choice is up to you!

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