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Friday, April 20, 2018

Current Projects April 2018

I am currently getting ready to upload Prude Reads to Kindle. I stopped to update my Web page, which stopped working a couple years ago. I am newly recovered from emergency abdominal surgery which took place in February. Currently, I have been busily editing books and stories. I am splitting my Home Is Series and Rainbow Series, which means I am making each book approximately 250 pages long. They are currently much longer! But, I will leave the old ones up.

My skills with 3D modeling are improving, but I still am having trouble with making modifications to the models in Poser, such as Zheien hands. I am trying to use the free DAZ Studio because it is now better than Poser in the opinion of many top artists who make models on the DAZ website. 

For now, for many of my stories, the generic covers will have to do. I am now learning new versions of DAZ, Poser, and Vue. I use Vue to make the backgrounds. So many venues! My progress is slow. And making characters in Poser, then trying to find the outfits I need for them is difficult.

I have given up on my Access databases which contain my universe. I am trying to rebuild it again so I can refer to it. I have databases for characters, places, healing, and story plots, among others. Now I am having to use reports I made while they worked. In plain English, I have the things I typed in, so the info is there. But I have to rewrite the code to make it easier to find that info when I need it and add to it. Why the switch? Access is part of Microsoft's Office suite but is not included in the package unless you pay extra. A LOT extra! I'm low-income. So I have to stay within the budget. DanniStories needs more readers to be profitable. Right now, it's a labor of love. I am now using LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice, and I like it better. It has more people working on it and OpenOffice is due to expire soon. LibreOffice is built on the same software engine as OpenOffice and is very similar. It is the continuation of the project.

Health problems are interfering with my typing and dry eye syndrome is bothering me constantly, so work is slow in my series. I still have many unpublished stories to upload to Kindle. This hasn't changed, but I had to have cataracts removed last year and couldn't see well enough to write for about a year and a half. So, I am getting back into the groove.

I am trying Amazon's new software to help me format my stories for publication. I was having a great deal of trouble with this in previous years and that's why they haven't been updated since 2013. Once I go through all the old stories, I don't anticipate any problems with them. I know better about the technical side of word processing and how to set up my template for stories. I have been going through all of my stories and formatting them, and correcting formatting. Hopefully, the new routine will get them properly formatted soon.  This is why I am taking so long to update those original 54 stories on Amazon! If you see these problems with Courier New font, font changes in the middle of a story, or underlined words instead of italic, when you read one of my books, please email me at dannistories@gmail.com

See my blog and Twitter for latest updates! I haven't been good about blogging. I will try to post more often. Really.

My plan is to add on-demand printing as I format my books. More about this in the future.

Book Cover Project: Every story now has a cover, whether hand-drawn or modeled with Vue and Poser! My hand-drawn covers look like cartoons. A fellow artist said my Home Is Not Home cover looked like a video game. I don't have the resources to hire actors :) Therefore, the 'video game' look will have to do. All the resources I have are because of my generous sister. Also, I am learning the legalities and niceties of including other talented artist's hard 3D work in my covers. I am now tracking every single piece of freebie clothing I download and who the artist is. I didn't know that when making my cover for Home Is Not Home. I created the Adia figure from DAZ's Victoria 4 figure and made a series of comic renders from my blunders in Poser. I downloaded clothing from various sites, so I am retracing my steps to find the outfit I had Adia wearing. If I had to create this stuff from scratch, I could not do as good of a job on my covers! So, I want to credit all of them so other 3D artists can find their creations. The pose on Home Is Not Home came from Most Digital Creations and I tweaked it a bit. The costume was a spy catsuit and I think it came with Poser. I plan to use the same background [because I love it] but use the new Genesis 8 figures that come with DAZ, except I got the new Victoria 8 for Adia and Michael 8 for Ryonne~. Now if I can just find a plain medium blue jumpsuit for DS uniforms, I will be doing well! I do have lab coats, thanks to artist Wilmap. I will post links soon.

Book Trailer Project  On hold until I can learn how to use video editing software.

Series:   Here are the ones I'm working on, as I can. There are a lot of dovetails, and all of them tie into the Home Is... Series. Every book is standalone, and I include enough of the story from the previous book so the reader can catch up. I advise readers to start with Home Is... and maybe add Rainbow next, then Ishah Secrets, then Domino. There will be other dovetails. But, the reader may start anyplace in any series. The reading order is the way they are numbered, however.

   Home Is... Book 1 is finished but needs a cover. Book 2-4 are  work in progress
   Rainbow   Book 1-3 is a work in progress
   Domino     Book 1 is a work in progress
   Ishah Secrets  Book 1 is a work in progress

Guide To Adia's Universe     I now have the Home Is Companion, free for the asking! No pictures yet, sorry. Write me at dannistories@gmail.com

Artist Training    I am slowly working through tutorials on 3D Modeling so I can make better-looking covers. Lighting is everything!

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